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Leyland "aux box" / splitter - any info?


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As per this thread I'm on the hunt for something to raise the gearing on a potential purchase. Ideally as an inline unit in the propshaft between engine & box.


A friend suggested copying Charlie Boomfield's Merlin-engined Rover SD1 and using a Leyland splitter. I've googled 'till I'm cross-eyed but apart from lots of pictures of coaches I can't find any info on these splitters other than "they were fitted to a lot of Leyland stuff" such as Hippos:readbook:


The info that I'm after is:

- What does one of these things look like?

- What are the ratios?

- Will it live behind a 17l diesel?

- Where might I find one and are spares available?


All help greatly appreciated.

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