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Found 5 results

  1. G'day, I've just acquired a 1960 Thornycroft Nubian 6x6 LFT which is originally ex-RAAF Townsville (North Queensland) but was recently recovered from a property out west. The original purchaser (property owner's father) had tried to drive it home after the disposal auction but smoked-up the middle diff around Woodstock (40 km from Townsville) and so the unit was then trucked back to the property and sat idle thereafter. I've been talking to the owners for the last 5-6 years about geting hold of it and finally an opportunity arose for a cheap back-load. It has been gifted to me on the basis that I will try to restore it as a non-profit venture, with the aim being to have it driveable and repainted (at least) so that it can take part in ANZAC Day parades/displays, historic military displays, re-enactments, airshows, etc. If the pumps can be made operational that will just be an added bonus. There were no manuals or other technical info with the unit so this will be one of the first priorities to acquire, the other being a secure undercover storage facility (currently tarped up on a friend's property in Townsville. I plan to publicise the project shortly to try and attract a group of volunteers and also begin the sponsorship/fund-raising process. It's a huge project but you have to start somewhere! There is another identical Thornycroft which I may be able to acquire from the same western area and a Townsville businessman has a third unit which he has tried to sell me previously (most recently it was on e-Bay again but failed to reach reserve). I am hopeful of getting at least two units so that we can mix-and-match to make one good one. I would greatly appreciate any leads/links for technical info, parts, photos of these in service (even RAAF Heritage Unit doesn't have any photos!) and other owners for networking - look forward to your responses. Regards, Christian. Christian D Smith Event Coordinator Ingham Wings and Wheels Airshow 0418 636727 coordinator@inghamwingsandwheels.com.au www.inghamwingsandwheels.com.au
  2. Hello, I am a new member from North Germany, and I have nothing to do with military vehicles - only with the Rolls-Roye engines that have been used in many British military and other special purpose vehicles (i.e., fire engines). I came to this forum because I was looking for Rolls-Royce B-range petrol engines: B60/61 and B80/81. We are using these engines to build Bentley or Rolls-Royce specials, one of our customers did put one into a historic boat. I have not found out yet how to place a 'wanted' advert, but I spread the word here - anyone who has such an engine an wants to dispose of it, please let me know. Regards from Germany Felix
  3. It’s always a real treat when a new photograph turns up, especially when it comes ‘out of the blue’ and particularly in my case if it features the sort of vehicles I am interested in. This one, although perhaps not as sharp as it might be, is a case in point. It came to us from Mr Terence O’Neill of Lacock in Wiltshire and features, as you can see, a selection of Rolls-Royce armoured cars which seem to have halted in the village for a rest. The photograph was taken by Mr O’Neill’s grandfather and very appropriate too, since Lacock is virtually the home of photography in England. The interesting thing from my point of view, is the selection of vehicles at the head of the column. Right at the front is a Rolls-Royce, 1920 Pattern Mark I armoured car, in original condition. But behind it is one that has been modified to Mark IA standard. There are three major points of difference. Firstly, the armoured strips across the bonnet, intended to deflect incoming bullets away from the driver’s visor. Secondly, the way the Vickers machine-gun has been fitted to the turret in a bullet proof ball mounting instead of the more open style of mounting fitted to the unmodified 1920 pattern cars, and finally the large, oval cupola on top of the turret to give the car commander a bit more headroom and enable him to see outside in reasonable safety. This car also has the oval device on the side of the hull which should tell us that it belonged to the Royal Tank Corps and include its specific War Department number. The third car in the line-up is another Rolls-Royce but this time of the 1924 Pattern with a revised type of armoured hull and a new style of turret. It was one of the last batch of Rolls-Royce armoured cars built for the British Army, all on the 50/60hp Silver Ghost chassis. The 1924 Pattern cars also featured the machine-gun in a ball mounting and a cupola on top of the turret but the style of these makes the car instantly recognisable. The line-up of these three armoured cars is very unusual and most distinctive, as far as one can tell the other two armoured cars, further down the line, are both standard 1920 Pattern types and beyond them is a lorry, too surrounded by people to allow accurate identification but certainly a typical 6x4 in the 30 cwt class and therefore probably a Morris-Commercial. So what are they doing there, why are they parked outside the Abbey in Lacock at all? Well to be honest we don’t know, but two possibilities suggest themselves. Given the variety of vehicles they could be on a training run from Bovington, something designed to give the commanders some navigational experience and the drivers a bit of practice and accustom them to driving in convoy. The other possibility is that they are working with the Experimental Mechanised Force which took part in a military exercise on Salisbury Plain in 1928 and spread over most of Wiltshire. In that case the cars would belong to 3rd Battalion, Royal Tank Corps which was stationed at Lydd, in Kent. However if that were the case the mixture of cars seems a bit unlikely. So can we date the event? If it is the Mechanised Force then it must be the summer of 1928 but if they have driven up from Bovington it could be any time after 1924, when the third car in the line-up (and probably the Mark IA come to that) began to enter service, we cannot be more precise then that. http://www.tankmuseum.org/ixbin/indexplus?record=ART4161&_IXMENU_=news_and_events
  4. Hi all, We are Paul and Jenny from sussex and we have just bought our first Scammell Explorer and the adventure or nightmare has begun. So begins the restoration. We are on a huge learning curve but fortunately have so many friends with experience and hope to gain new friends to help along the way.
  5. Hi All, I live in Fountain Valley, California (just south of Los Angeles). I've owned a Rolls-Royce 25/30 for many years which has a B60 engine. The engine is getting tired and I'm looking to fix or replace it. This forum looks like a very interesting place to start. Thank you, Dave
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