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  1. Hi Mark, sorry for the long absence, it's been a case of working more to fuel the hobby tank. I've started on the engine again and completed the bottom end. I've got to make a plate up to cover the power steering pump and fit the oil cooler extension bars. Got the new oil filters so i should be there soon. Now the weather appears to be on our side it should be all systems go. Stick the new clutch and housing on and a bit of blue grey on the inner chassis rails and engine back in. We did the HCVS London to Brighton on Sunday with the Thornycroft, Morris and the Bedford. Brilliant day out and fantastic weather. Have you booked the Scammell into any shows yet? Did you enter for Dorset if so did you get a reply recently? Paul :beer:
  2. Hi Mark Sorry about the long absence. I'ts been too bloody cold and dark so i decided to hold fire at the mo. Hopefully this weekend will grace us with some sunshine and i can restart. Gotta get the sump on and then take off the power steering unit off the 220 as it's not needed............ well at the mo at least, I'll stick with the air as it's more authentic. After that it's a cranky strap or two, 24volts and a drop of the taxmans finest. can't wait. hope yours is treating you well, we'll have to meet up sometime! Paul:beer:
  3. The 290 engine that was in her was a rear mounted sump to fit over the axle where as the new 220 is a front sump. This is where it gets long winded.. Our sump had a punch hole in the pan from the con rod being nosy so off to Blakers for an 18 hour repair, well done to Jenny for picking up the pieces strewn 100 yards up the Alton Road. Shes very thorough! It made the patching up easier. The oil extension pipes (7/8 and 1" od) for the rear mounted oil pick up were both smashed so after searching for new pipes we finally found 6 metre lengths for £40 + each or 1 metre lengths for £8 ebay. they sent 28mm instead of 25mm so lost a weekend cos of that. Stripped out the oil gallery pipes and have not been able to buy the correct o rings as of yet - no longer made apparently but luckily we have salvaged enough good ones to re use. after cleaning the various bearing connections and replacing another two oil pipes we are nearly there. now all we need is a heat wave and a brighter moon to work by and it might get rebuilt. averaging about 4 hours a week at the mo due to work and lack of light!:nut:
  4. Were in the same boat as you Mark. We have very little experience but its suprising how much you can learn from pulling the engine out. Were lucky to have found some very knowledgeable and experienced friends to guide us and shine the torch in the right direction. Did you manage to sort the winch out?
  5. Thanks for the info John. Would be great to see some old pics of it. We contacted Mark shortly after we bought it and he was going to find us out some pics and info, must remind him. Do you know who did the engine conversion and where? We were told that it did a lot of off road mud pit action and i found a lot of evidence of that in the bottom of the sump, it would be great to shed some light on that. Which Explorer have you got?
  6. Hi Mark, we hide in Findon Valley. We saw ur video of you bringing Thor home. We had a look around Thor at GDSF this year. You bagged urself a nice truck and trailer. What are your plans for exhibiting local next year? We do all the local ones with our Thornycroft brewers lorry, Bedford bakers van and Morris commercial. I recognised the road you live on so ur not far from us. Do you have any or much experience with the explorers?
  7. Wanted leyland 680 powerplus or RR 220 or 290
  8. were looking at it as an opportunity to learn more about the engine, bloody expensive opportunity though:laugh:
  9. it had a rolls eagle 290 for 20 miles til it went crash boom bang, new engine needed! help:laugh:
  10. It started ok for 20 miles and then the engine got fed up with a con rod and the oil. on the look out for another rolls 290 if you see one
  11. Yes they were, you had the right idea with the low loader though, the rolls went bang on the way home:embarrassed:
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