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  1. Do you have anything else for a dingo??

  2. Hi are the dingo boxes the one which fits to theoutside of passenger side of the hull? 

  3. Great progress mate well done, looking at the first picture of when you found it looks like the cast headlamp brackets are missing? I have a pair available. regards Ben
  4. Hi Desertman, Apologies for not getting in touch sooner, great looking project that you've got coming on there. I started on the MV scene about 10 years ago with a Dodge WC51 and seem to remember you then on the ww2 dodge forum? Anyways seems we've run similar paths both with marriages and trucks as I finished restoring mine from the ground up just like you but several years ago. Although I've owned many different trucks over the past ten years my FWD HAR-1 will always be my favourite. I helped The American gentlemen with some odds and ends for his truck and if your need anything give me a
  5. 1943 HAR-1 Restored here in the United States

  6. Hello Ben,

    I have restored the "Early Budge Days" FWD HAR-1 discussed on this site. The truck was purchased by collector Frank Buck from Pennsylvania here in the US in the late 1980's. I purchased the HAR from Kevin Kronlund in Wisconsin a year ago last January. That is all the history I know of her. I am completing the wiring tomorrow; wiring replicated by Joe Hall, Vintage Wiring of Maine. I am looking for reproduction data plates for this truck, the only non-original item not present on this truck; do you have a source for repro plates? Feel free to contact me with any questions- history concerning this truck. I think I have the only known restored example here in the states. How many are there in Europe? How long did it take to restore your example? What parts contacts did you use? Are BZ engine parts available over there? Hard to find over here in the States. I will be happy to forward pictures to you if interested. Hope to hear back from you in the near future. All the best and congratulations on the completion of your HAR-1; Awesome truck you restored. All the best! David Firstman

  7. 1943 Fwd har-1 1st time out fully restored at Yanks 2007.
  8. yep adrian infact i have 2, one good and one thats solid but needs a good clean make me an offer on the pair as i'm sick of moving 'em from pillar to frikin post all the time!
  9. Hi folks i'm new to this forum, but not the mv scene. For all u guys who think its tough-going restoring your gmc or dodge. You should try restoring a vehicle where is NO spare parts other than what other 60+ year old scrap trucks you can find and use for parts. This very rare ww2 'cargo' truck which i am just finishing the resto' on and should be at kemble for its first outing started off life like this in 2003. I wonder just how many of you MV enthusiasts can tell me what it is????????? hears a clue its one axle short to be a gmc/diamond t???? ;-) [attachment deleted by admin]
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