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  1. Hello Martin, So far as I am aware the 'Royal Enfield Co' should have oil in the primary casing where your clutch is, if not this explains why I have been trying to stop the oil I put into the casing of my Enfield from pouring out past one of the most initially impressive thick rubber which turns out to be one of the most useless seals 🤬 devised by man . It sits in the lid and goes around the backplate despite using sealers, extra bands of rubber cut from inner tubes, checking the cover for dents etc etc. May I use this question to ask if anyone has a sure fire way of sealing these
  2. Who would be the best supplier of a new Amal 276 pre monobloc carb set up ready to fit a WD M20. So far I know of Surrey Cycles and Hitchcocks has anyone had a new carb from these two suppliers or know of another reliable seller..? Thanks Chris
  3. Hello Chris Just received your mail and replied..! Chris
  4. You can try my mobile number on ‘WhatsApp’...or phone me 07720 149848 Thanks Chris
  5. Hello WD Flea, I am having the same problem with the number you gave me to contact you on ‘WhatsApp’ it is showing as unobtainable can you email me direct using the mail address I put on my last message. Thanks Chris
  6. Hello WD Flea, Can you email me a price please..! bikermoss@yahoo.co.uk
  7. Apart from the BSA frame I am after a Triumph 3HW / 3SW Fuel Tank (Without the later air box cut out) Hopefully again reasonably priced and not to full of rust at least restorable. Chris
  8. Does anyone happen to have or know of anybody who has a complete BSA WD M20 frame front and rear sections gathering dust that they want to sell for a reasonable price..? If you do please let me know. Chris
  9. Still after a Triumph 3HW or a Matchless G3 Any condition considered as long as most of the bike is there. e mail or call 07220 419848 Chris
  10. I am looking for a Triumph 3HW or a Matchless G3 preferably still in their WD format but a civilianised ones would be considered. Up running and good condition preferred but anything as long as most of the machine is present. Cash ready and waiting for the right machine. Please contact Chris on either:- bikermoss@yahoo.co.uk 07220 419848
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