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  1. Has anyone got any hints or tips on how the hell you get the clutch rubbers to fit back into the clutch basket a more fiddly job I struggle to think of. Never done it before took the cover off whilst there to check the condition of the rubbers wish I hadn’t, is there a knack to getting them back that’s eluding me..?? Thanks Chris
  2. Hello 'OLD GRUMPY', Most definitely RED RED..! Bright and shinyRED Chris
  3. I have posted this question on the motorcycle forum but thought it was worth a try here as well. My early 1942 Ariel motorcycle has a white '67' on a red square background. I cannot seem to find what this designates might be infantry...but don't know. Can anyone tell me what it means...? Thanks Chris
  4. My Ariel has a white '67' on a square red background on the tank. I cannot find what this designates maybe infantry..? But exactly what I don't know. Can anyone help. Thanks chris
  5. Hello Ron, Excellent...that will do me, I'll go with that...! I'll look for that extra info in their next edition. Have a good evening. Thanks Chris
  6. Can anyone help me with working out a appropriate tank number for my Triumph 3 SW/HW. The bike is early SW frame with the number 'TL 9284' around the top of the headstock and has a later 3HW engine '3HW 52767'. The engine according to 'Orchard and Maddens' book seems to fall into contract number 'S2956' 5000 machines Dec 43 to June 44. No problem there, could have been a military exchange or at anytime replaced in the past 70 odd years, either way not bothered as better than the earlier side valve. I am copying the bike on page '189 or 137' of said book depending which ver
  7. Has anyone out there got ONE....lying around that they want to sell...? thanks Chris
  8. Hello Flea, I am all sorted but thankyou for your reply.
  9. I am thinking of selling my above trailer MK2 that's the slightly longer version than the MK1.. can anyone give me an idea of a fair price I should be asking. It's all complete good solid condition with a canvass, tow hook, convoy light etc... needs new tyres. Thanks chris
  10. Thanks for the heads up on this ...I can see its all done etc but can I ask what do you think of the price he is asking..? Regards Chris
  11. Looking for a Matchless WD G3 Any condition considered even stripped and in boxes as long as the machine is reasonably complete.
  12. Hello Andrew, I thought this was my mates jeep when I first saw it but its not. his Jeep is a excellent RAF blue as well I can ask him what the mix was but I know the suppliers were 'Automotive Paint Supplies' in Adershot, Surrey: . 01252 313141.. They can literally mix any colour you want, recently they duplicated a earth brown on one of my bikes, which whilst not the usually, turd colour, is a really nice version and I wanted to keep it. They said it caused them a few problems but have exactly copied the colour for me. As a footnote....I am with you on this subject of vehic
  13. Hello Martin, So far as I am aware the 'Royal Enfield Co' should have oil in the primary casing where your clutch is, if not this explains why I have been trying to stop the oil I put into the casing of my Enfield from pouring out past one of the most initially impressive thick rubber which turns out to be one of the most useless seals 🤬 devised by man . It sits in the lid and goes around the backplate despite using sealers, extra bands of rubber cut from inner tubes, checking the cover for dents etc etc. May I use this question to ask if anyone has a sure fire way of sealing these
  14. Who would be the best supplier of a new Amal 276 pre monobloc carb set up ready to fit a WD M20. So far I know of Surrey Cycles and Hitchcocks has anyone had a new carb from these two suppliers or know of another reliable seller..? Thanks Chris
  15. Hello Chris Just received your mail and replied..! Chris
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