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  1. Sorry mate, like my collection of Denisons & SAS smocks and FS daggers, they are stashed away for my retirement. Give me a shout in 10-12 years. Though they will probably be more than a couple of grand by then. I advise anyone who can afford to to hold onto your rare kit if you can. Better than putting money in the bank by far.
  2. Selling for Ā£1500 and up so i hope you have deep pockets ! I have 2 but iā€™m saving them for my retirement fund !
  3. Also looks like a German rucksack issued at that period. Brought back from BAOR perhaps ? Straps on the flap very similar. I'm sure you are right but there is a similarity.
  4. Sweeeet bikes šŸ‘šŸ‘
  5. Totally agree Simon. Pootling about between quaint Suffolk villages is exactly what it was meant for - plus some light, dry weather green laning. i'm meeting up with Lee soon. My bike was one of his restorations though i got it from someone who bought the bike from him. nice guy and very helpful to a vintage Brit bike newbie like me. dave
  6. Beautiful bikes ! šŸ‘
  7. I had read that Richard and will see how true that is when I green lane this one once the weather improves. i understand that is why WD's are a bit rare, many were converted to trials irons. Shame. mine was originally one of a batch of 25 bought by the father of someone who runs a B40 WD website. I have been in touch with him and we're meetingbup in the spring. there's no BSA or Brit bike owner clubs near me but hopefully if i get problems (or should that be when ?!), places like here will prove to be full of helpful enthusiasts with great advice. cheers, Dave
  8. Lucky you Richard. interesting to hear you prefer the B40 to the later models. the only "drawback" is having a gearbox with three 1st gears and an overdrive šŸ™‚ a B44 or B50 is next on my list. Though a WW2 British bike would be nice too.
  9. brought this a little while ago as tired of the big modern bikes i've been riding the last 8 years. i wanted something with character, with soul & with a British military connection. i love it. I love riding it and i love maintaining it. I have THE biggest smile and am getting used to the right gearchange, left braking. just wondering if others have the same bike. here's mine
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