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  1. Hi there im trying to find some 1953 pattern combat trousers and an RAF parka Can anyone help at all? Many thanks , Andy tel 07375608109
  2. Evening everyone. I collect old RAF 1950s and 60s flying clothing and was wondering if any of you folk out there have any for sale. Things I am looking for include the old RAF parkas, flight suits, windproof trousers, caps, RAF smocks, jackets anything really . I would love to hear from anyone with some bits for sale and will always pay a good price. andy
  3. Hi there. I am trying to source the workwear that riggers for the RAF would have worn innthe 1950s-70s. If anyone has any such smocks or trousers for sale I would be happy to purchase them from you.
  4. Wow I love to buy that jumper if it is for sale at all? I also collect wartime and 1950s and 1960s RAF items if you have any bits for sale I would be really interested. best wishes andy
  5. Hello everyone. I collect RAF 1950s and 1960s flying clothing. If anyone has any for sale I would love to hear from you. my number is Andy 07921060707
  6. I collect 1950s RAF flying suits and coats and the big parkas and fishtail parkas and trousers, ground crew clothing etc etc. I was wondering if anybody has any bits and pieces for sale at all?
  7. Hey Dave I’d love to buy one or both if they are still available. Andy
  8. Hey here all. I’m trying to find a 1950s 60s RAF grey or green fishtail parka to go with some trousers I recently purchased. If any body has one for sale at all I would really love to hear from you. My number is 07921060707 or drop me a line on here. fingers crossed Andy
  9. Thanks ever so much for the reply. I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed .
  10. HEY woa2 I’d love to buy the trousers if they are still available?
  11. Hey there. Yer they are pretty sought after now £900 is my max . The grey ones go for way more too. Mad times!
  12. I was bidding on it up to £900 then it jumped right up to that crazy amount. Probably some chap in Japan.
  13. Hi there, Im new on here so please pardon me if I balls it up. Im looking for some RAF ventile trousers and an RAF fishtail ventile parka. Would anyone have either of these for sale at all?
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