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  1. Hi, i'm having trouble with my starter motor on the k60 engine in a 432, and finding very frustrating of its position in the hull. My question is, has anybody come up with an easy solution to get at the starter, i'm prepared to make a smallish inspection hole in the bulkhead if it helps, but don't want to damage the exterior hull? Many thanks Steve:confused:
  2. Thank you for the warm welcome! This coming weekend we're taking the 432 to a Vietnam day at a paint ball site! Hmmm! I'm just hoping who ever's there will be short sighted and a bad shot! I'll try and take some interesting photo's to share. Just incase anyone knows, I'm on the lookout for a fuel cutoff solenoid, 3 terminal type K60 engine. Cheers for now Steve
  3. My name is Steve and I would like to take this oppertunity to say "Hello", I'm a new member with a healthy interest in military vehicles. I have a FV432 which brings a lot of fun and interesting stories from ex service men, and help raise money for charity with involvement such as "ladies driving challenges"!!!
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