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  1. Good luck, will be watching with interest. I will have to go through this soon in Vic but don't expect any problems, our club rego scheme is excellent.
  2. More good news, using a piece of pipe as a gear shift lever and a length of twine as throttle control, I have managed to drive the ferret in all 5 gears around my yard with all 5 gears functioning. I will leave final measurements and adjustments until I have the motor and gearbox out of the hull, at my height there isn't a lot of room in there.
  3. My name is Heath :-) At 6'7" I am going to have to modify the ferret seat a little, it will basically just be a thin cushion on the floor pan I suspect. I acquired the ferret as part of a package deal with my Centurion and was only lukewarm on it as a project, the more I dig into it however, the more enthusiastic I am about it, truly a fascinating and fun little vehicle. And yes, Richard does make it sound easy. I owe him a huge thanks, he has really gone above and beyond in helping me.
  4. Well the news is good, with a piece of pipe on the gear change lever, I was able to select all 5 gears. The action is smooth and free and hopefully with some pedal adjustment I'll have a functional gearbox. Next step, check fluid level in the fluid coupling and a very slow test drive around my backyard. Once I'm happy it all works the strip down can commence. Has anyone sandblasted a ferret hull, is it too aggressive? A big thanks to everyone who offered input here, once the tear down commences I'll start a restoration thread.
  5. That is a great explanation Malcolm, thanks for posting it. Stay tuned for results!
  6. Unfortunately I don't, I haven't been able to find a copy as yet. Can the busbar pushrod be accessed without stripping the box?
  7. Hi Richard, I was hoping you'd see this one. By side plate I mean the plate that would be at the top left corner of the above picture, it sits at an angle to rest of the gearbox housing and is secured by 6 rather long bolts. Looking at the gearbox drawings it looks like it houses the busbar spring. Cheers
  8. I have recently got myself a ferret project, it was a restored vehicle but unfortunately the shed where it was stored caught fire and caused a lot of cosmetic damage, as well as melting a good part of the wiring loom. The owner then dragged it outside where it sat in the weather for quite a few years, this has caused more damage than the fire. I have been working towards getting it running and driving, just to make sure I have a good gearbox and engine before I strip it down completely for restoration. I have freed up the frozen pedals and got the engine running and have started on the gearbox. Opening the top cover of the box reveals very clean internals with very little rust, this was a nice surprise. That's where the good news stopped though as the gear change pedal doesn't seem to do anything, I can move the gear change lever on the side of the box through it's full range of movement by hand, it is obviously not engaging the busbar. I started to open the side cover where the spring is but got nervous and stopped when there was obviously a lot of spring pressure behind it. Has anyone seen this problem before, or can anyone advise me of how to fix it? Is it possible for the busbar pushrod to fall out of position? With thanks
  9. Great to see some more progress pics James. I have had great success in the past using just air pressure to get rubber hoses/sheathes onto steel bars and pipes. It must be done dry however, without any grease. And I echo the sentiment above, definitely not bored with this build.
  10. Does anyone have a high res scan of the full Champ wiring Diagram they could send me?
  11. Hi all, I've been lurking around here for a fair while but thought it was time to make an introduction. I come from South Eastern Australia and currently own a 1955 Austin Champ, a 1943 Ford F15A Blitz, a 1957 ex Aussie Air Force Dodge Power Wagon (original right hand drive), a Ferret and a Centurion. I'll soon be starting on the restoration of the ferret so will likely be asking for lots of help. Cheers Heath
  12. Send me your email address and I'll send you some photos. I'd rather not post them on a public forum until I actually own the vehicle.
  13. Thanks for your reply Jack, all valid points. The Champ in question is a complete, driving and registered vehicle in good condition with very little rust. Restoration would be cosmetic more than anything. I have driven the vehicle and am quite happy with it mechanically. I'm a fairly experienced restorer with a number of 1920s to 40s vehicles already complete so am fairly confident. I do however have a pool of experience and labour to draw upon if need be. I'll post up a picture if I do get it.
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