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  1. Hi mate. What exactly is the problem with logging in? You can talk to me in Polish if you prefer. Voytek
  2. Hi guys. www.gaz69.org website is trying to establish a register of all GAZ 69 truck existing in the UK. GAZ 69 is a very rare vehicle in the UK. The aim of this is to encourage the use of these trucks, link owners together and possibly establish GAZ 69 owners club. Please feel free to send photographs of your UK registered GAZ 69 along with any details you feel comfortable sharing with other owners. Please post them directly through the website, not here otherwise they might get lost. My GAZ is already there
  3. Anyone is going with russian vehicle? I will be there with my GAZ 69 stting a little display. It would be nice to stick together. To organisers: In my booking form I ticked 'stay over for the Victory Show' box by mistake. Sorry! I will be going back home on Monday. :blush: See you there guys.
  4. Brilliant! Thanks for posting it! Reminded me when I was driving it in the army. Never entered water like that, but it was one of the advantage that the vehicle could go in to the water without any preparation. With just one lever the diver opened the front flap and raise the snorkel. There was a special knob-wheel on the back, so the crew could seal the back doors and electric pump in case of water leak. Thanks to that very pointy front, none of then existing bullets was able to hit the BMP. They would just bounce off it. Very clever and advanced design indeed, easy and nice to drive.
  5. I was only doing machanics, never deal with radios and armoury. It's the way that Polish army was organised.
  6. I was also a driving instructor on BMP. It was great fun for a regular national service soldier being able to smack across the head a officer cadett, who already had stars on his shoulders! BMP (BWP in Polish Army) is fantastic to drive. With it's toruqe I was able (but not allowed) to spin the tracks on the concrete surface! The engine... piece of art in those days...
  7. Some more interesting photographs of the GAZ in service here: www.gaz69.org
  8. No, it was in Poland. I was driving instructor in Military Vehicle Academy of Defence (can't think of any other translation BTW. At this moment there is a MTLB for sale on Polish Ebay. About 400 miles on the clock...
  9. I used to drive one of those in the army. Not as nice as BMP. No synchromesh, steering bars rather then stick, but nice, big cockpit.
  10. The pass has arrived, so I will be there with my Russian GAZ 69. This is my first season in military vehicle and second time my truck will be displayed. Looking forward to being there. Hope the field is big enough to acommodate all those vehicles!? :shocked:
  11. Having trouble adjusting float level in the carburettor in my GAZ. Have got an instruction with this picture: it clearly states 47mm from the base of the top cover of the carb to the top of the float. unfortunatelly the float in mine isn't round. It is rather flat, just differnet shape then this one. Any ideas how to adjust it?
  12. Sure, as soon as I got it registered. Wouldn't be long now!
  13. I've done it! Here is my GAZ 69 imported from Poland. Very rare hard-top version called OREL-1. Not registered yet, so can't drive it Just can't wait!
  14. Hi guys. Having trouble registering my GAZ in the UK. Getting help from MVT, but they advised me to collect as much information as possible. To help this process can any of you please supply your chassis numbers with the year of manufacture of your vehicles. Hopefully this way we will be able to eastimate when mine was made. Many thanks
  15. Hi. I'm Polish guy, came into this contry 5 years ago. Now live in Cotswolds and prefer to say 'I'm from Cotswolds' rather then 'I'm from Poland'. I'm new to the world of military vehicles. My main hobby is the history of motor industry, second: 4x4 off road, third: army life, camping etc. All those intersts lead me into military vehicles. I'm just about getting my first mv: GAZ 69, which I'm going to import from Poland.
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