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  1. Hello, from not far away from you. You didn't have the Stalwart outside your house years ago did you on the Deanshanger-Buckingham road did you?
  2. Agreed, it wasn't particularly groundbreaking, but I suppose we are going to see a plethora of similar programmes in the run up to the anniversary.
  3. Just noticed a TV programme on tomorrow night Monday 19th on Channel 5. D-Days Sunken secrets, hour and a half long, looks like it could be worth a watch. http://www.channel5.com/shows/d-days-sunken-secrets/episodes/d-days-sunken-secrets June 6 1944 saw the world’s biggest amphibious assault, one of the most important military campaigns in history and a pivotal moment in the Second World War. For generations, historians, archaeologists and other experts, in their attempts to reconstruct the events of the day, have scoured every battlefield – except one. Just off the coast of Normandy is a lost graveyard, where hundreds of objects lie on the sea bed. Using two mini-submarines, a team of historians, wreck detectives, scientists and veterans are on a quest to discover what lies below the waves. In summer of 2013, the multi-disciplinary team scoured a 500 square kilometre stretch of seabed. Among the astonishing objects they found were a curious collection of American Sherman tanks, specially adapted to float, and the wreck of the SS Leopoldville, a troopship hit by a German U-boat on December 24 1944 with the loss of 800 lives. In an emotional testimony, American D-Day veteran Bill Allen recalls his experiences as a teenage medic on a ship which ferried supplies into Normandy. On his fourth trip to the beaches, his ship hit amine and 94 of his shipmates died. Returning to Normandy for the first time, Bill takes a submarine to the seabed to pay his respects to those comrades who never returned. Submariner Jim Booth, now in his 90s, was part of a key five-man crew manning a midget submarine that lurked off the coast for days before the invasion. At first light on D-Day, they erected a light to guide landing craft safely on to the beach. The expedition team takes him on his first submarine trip since the Normandy landings. D-Day was not only a triumph of individual courage, but also a miracle of detailed planning and engineering brilliance. Tim Beckett’s father Alan was an engineer who had the crucial job of designing a deep sea harbour which would be used to supply the invasion. Tim now teams up with a computer graphics specialist and engineer to build a virtual model of Mulberry Harbour – Alan Beckett’s masterpiece without which the Normandy campaign could not have succeeded.
  4. I wouldn't use a sealant on a carb, just gasket paper.
  5. All the best mate and keep yer pecker up, and if you can't, I'm sure you can get pills for that too...
  6. Here it is. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DVD-SCANS-FROM-ORIGINAL-PHOTO-ALBUMS-16th-5th-LANCERS-ROYAL-ARMOURED-CORPS-TANKS-/111194814016?pt=UK_Collectables_Militaria_LE&hash=item19e3ba3640
  7. Surfing ebay last night, in ww2 photos, if I can find it again I will put up a link.
  8. Came across this tonight, never seen anything like it before. What is it?
  9. Ohhh yes:wow:. If only I had a shed that big...
  10. Spotted today among other items, German WW2 dog tag, WW1 German water bottle, British and German WW2 compasses, ARP badge, Chernobyl medal, 1880s french bayonet and a British WW2 RAF headset.
  11. Welcome aboard Paul. Do you collect personal or document items for any specific units?
  12. Thanks for that, I had no idea religion formed part of the tag, but it suppose it makes sense, thanks for that, I will do some more research.
  13. That's a tricky site to get registered onto!
  14. I don't, but I do have some spare body clamps for them.
  15. I'm normally a dab hand at this sort of thing but finding it difficult to find any info. As in a previous thread, i found a pair of RAF dogtags in an RAF uniform. I can't seem to find any info on him, so if anyone can help I would be grateful. R.C. Bass RAF Service number 940189 Fairly sure he served at RAF Cardington Thanks in advance
  16. Oh, guess what I have found with a rummage in the deep pockets of my tunics! 2 dog tags, one round, one hex shaped, with some unknown french medallion attached! R.C. Bass RAF service number 940189. Well chuffed.:-D Pics to follow! On your medical cards, wasn't that a hospital specially for burnt or badly injured soldiers/airmen?
  17. Nice find, especially the tags. Be interesting if you could trace his history. I bought a WW2 RAF tunic last year and found some personal effects, nothing as good as that though. I just found a pencil , bus tickets, and an old packet of fags!
  18. Oooh, Skoda Estelle, nice. Was looking at getting one months ago. Had a customer once, many moons ago, who had its engine totally tuned. Rare as hens teeth now.
  19. It looks like it should be a repro one, as you point at especially the black swastika which isn't sewn on but machine stitched. There isn't any mounting holes either.
  20. Talking to the boss of a local shop in town and the conversation swung to military vehicles etc. He then told me he had a german pennant that he found in a box when he moved from Iran many years ago, he had no idea of its worth or value so he said he would bring it in this week for me to look at. I popped in to see him today and looked at it, I have never seen one like it despite looking on the net etc. So I am posting up a couple of pics in the hope someone can give me any more info. Dimensions approx 13"x 7". thanks.
  21. Plenty of these around I think, I gave a load away recently.
  22. Thanks for that. I have got it up for sale, really nice bit of kit. Its quite a substantial piece and fairly heavy. Looking for £150 if anyone is interested plus postage?
  23. Apart from the pamphlets and publications Clive, do you collect anything related to R.U.C.?
  24. Well I think that is the number Clive, a bit illegible.
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