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  1. A retouched up ARP helmet I think! A something a little bizarre, a vintage electro shock therapy machine!
  2. Another obscure object spotted for sale locally, any info on it gratefully received! Writing on centre base reads Power 7 telescope For High Angle Gun Patt No. G350 1944 No.2313 No. 45
  3. Not when you realise it has been sold to a developer who happens to be related, I believe, to a former trustee. All hearsay and not fact I hasten to add.
  4. Thanks Adrian, i couldn't see a date stamp on the cases, are they post war?
  5. Another i.d. required tonight. A fairly heavy and substantial Amperes gauge. It feels like it should me for an MV/commercial/aircraft given its weight. About 20 cms in diameter, 2 bolt holes on base. No obvious markings apart from what you can see.
  6. Came across these 2 items today, the first is an ammo case, can anyone tell me more about it, also in the second pic is a spent ammo round from what I would think to be a LMG/HMG? Ammo casing, any way of dating, would I be right in thinking it is german? Markings around base SWN/124/56/HEIT/TNT N13Z On the flat of the base 55 RG OEZ About 15cm in length Thanks in advance
  7. I picked up a box of old radio valves the other week, I have no idea what they fit, but if anyone is after any specific part numbers I would like to find homes for them.
  8. British army practice grenade spotted today, for Saturdays auction.
  9. Bletchley park has been going through a systematic purge of several groups who use and maintain the various buildings. Perhaps if they actually declared the fact that they needed to dispense of the volunteers to gain more funding that would help alleviate the situation. At the end of the day it is all about money and attracting corporate investments. I could mention several other things that the "trustees" have done, but its not for a forum discussion.
  10. Food/ammunition/grain store, long shot...
  11. A section maybe as to what people find in their local auction/antique emporiums. Thre is always plenty of stuff going on round my way, people have a look take a pic and ask if anyone wants the item, to connect people with what they may be after.
  12. Is it related to artillery or infantry or neither?
  13. Aeriel view of either artillery gun defences or infantry?
  14. I don't think you will have any luck with finding the bonnet number if its not there. Even the G503 forum can't help with that! I have some oddments, what are you looking for?
  15. Motor factors can supply a universal silencer, round or oval, various sizes. Klarius and Walker are two manufacturers that I know do them. Have a look online, or go into one and ask to look at their catalogue.
  16. And I passed up an oppurtunity to get some of this before xmas! Will let you know in the future.
  17. Saw a Rarden last week, think its gone now, will double check.
  18. Thanks for that, will double check it tomorrow.
  19. Couple of pics, possibly Czech (?) gas mask carries a 1939 date on it, not seen one before. bayonet no.4 MkII I think Strange torch described as vintage Swedish Army (apologies for poor pics on these!)
  20. Jules, don't think the gas mask i saw today was WW1. Strange looking mask, had writing on the back, no date but the script looked 1940's, it was attached to a red canister via a canvas pipe. There may be one coming up soon though. Will post some pics up in a while. I did see a nice group of newspaper cuttings,scrapbook regarding the RFC pilots who shot down the zeppelins,I should have got that. In the meantime will keep eyes open for all the other items as well.
  21. Just out of curiosity I'm wondering what people on here collect. I spend many a time going to local antique fairs and auctions. I know one of our fellow members collect ordnance shell cases, anyone else collect anything they would like me to keep an eye open for? I have seen a dummy Rarden shell, North Africa Star medal, bayonet, NOS rifle oil tin and what looks like a WW1 gas mask today.
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