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  1. Hi Barry Firstly the cost was about 1100 USD per tire.Plus the cost to ship the rims 360 USD and then to ship the completed tires back to me 500 USD I provided my clean rims with old rubber removed. The company is the only one in the US that still makes molds to process these tires. Not sure what the molds are made out of. One set of molds for a set of 4 tires. The wait time was about 1 year. Still waiting for the sand blaster to blast my wheels so that I can paint and then mount the tires. The exce
  2. After waiting in the que for over 1 year the FWD now has new tires courtesy of the Canton Bandag Co. of Canton Ohio. They reproduce the Overman Cushion brand of hard rubber tires. In the next few weeks we should have the wheels sandblasted and painted , bearings seals installed and tires mounted on the wheels. Here is a picture of the new tires and a reminder picture of my truck which has a pretty rare mobile machine/repair truck body also pictured
  3. Well then from 69K to asking 45K getting to a point that someone may take the plunge!
  4. The FWD still not home as I await the solid rubber tyres installed on my rims. . 8 months since the rims were delivered . There is only one company in the States that does this and there have been some labor issues at the company. I have been assured that they are in the works! For now I have taken on 2 small projects to keep me occupied. Thanks to Tim who supplied an original example of the valve spring shroud I was able to have molds made and a set of valve spring shrouds cast. Sev
  5. This was posted on Facebook group I am in. It is in Luxembourg. Asking price is 69 K USD I'm out!
  6. Hello Adrian GREAT find in my opinion LEAVE the bike as is . It is only original once and ww 2 paint is way off. For correct ww 1 paint you would need to have it custom blended. Once again a terrific survivor that would be best refurbished and not "restored" bob
  7. went and looked at this today . The tow bar has been cut off at the end and the deck is not original but there is most of it remaining Working on possibly buying itWhat do they look like way back when?
  8. OK think I got it. Cannot use camping gas as a source in carbide lamps as this gas will not illuminate without a mantle. That is the consensus?
  9. Thanks Steve I do have an electrical modified lamp but for period correctness I want to use the carbide. Thanks for your input bob
  10. Well on the subject of carbide lamps who is in fact using them and what precuations should I take in using the calcium carbonate in the side mounted Solar brand generator on my Model 1918 Dodge Light Repair truck? I have been tempted to use a bottled gas by Coleman made here in the States which is used for camping lighting and cooking. Any comments thanks. Happy New Year
  11. I haven't posted in a while as I was working on other projects I thought I would share my further progress on the replication of my Model 1918 Dodge Light Repair Truck . There are only 4 original repair trucks known to still exist of the slightly more than 1000 that were made for the US Army . The canvas on the clone is partially done . The folding drivers canopy frame has been installed. The fixed crank has been installed. Still working on the spare tire carrier. I can report the truck runs real well. Now I
  12. Thanks to you both.I am not real sharp on the non US vehicles but this forum has greatly enlightened me. The AEF did not to my knowledge have any small trucks or passenger cars equipped with disc wheels. We "appropriated" them from our allies and that was my intention when I used them on my replica repair truck. Bob
  13. Al I did not mean to infer that dodges were used by French or Italian forces. I was only referring to DISC wheels!! To reiterate when I constructed the clone the correct wheels were not available. Period pictures of other vehicles (Cadillac below) and light trucks showed the use of the disc wheels.It also appears to be a RFC tender employing them . I took the liberty to use them on my truck but never did I come across a picture of such usage on light repair trucks. Fact is there are
  14. The engine on the original repair trucks were standard Dodge brothers 4 cylinder. They did not have a starter generator. There were no electric headlamps nor electric starters. The used Eisemann magnetos with a fixed crank starter. For the clone I chose to rebuild a 4 cylinder Dodge Engine identical to the originals. It was from about 1921. I opted to include for now the starter generator and I placed a battery in the regular position as on DB vehicles under the front seat affixed to the frame rail. In
  15. Gordon The rivets were set as were the originals.The flat sides on the original show that all the peening was done on that side. Also the manual even lists the "3/8 inch round head rivets" to be used in the construction bob
  16. Yes indeed..we had to make a few tools for botH the setting side AND the bucking side as access was limited in certain tight spots. The more mass the bucking bar had the easier to hold the head in place. There were a few spots that required round heads to be formed on the working side . This required a rCupped setting tool to be used in the rivet gun rather than the flat one. ALL 3/8 in rivets were set red hot.You can see one picture shows a heat sink in use. bob
  17. Steve the dental impression material came from a local dentist's office. I made the frame to support it with thin perforated aluminum as used to make grill covers for home radiators. The material needed to be contained when the mold was taken. The detailed plaster of paris was from the same source. The impression material is very expensive but I was given some out of date stuff and worked fine. I had the warm the metal with a hair dryer as the dental materials are designed to set
  18. Details details details and how to accomplish them is what keeps these projects stimulating. For me the recreation of the ww 1 vehicle data plates was one of those "details" I did not want to remove the original riveted plates so I had to replicate them where they stood. Using a polyvinylsilxene dental impression material I made a copy of the two plates. Next I created a positive cast using a dental plaster of paris. These casts were cleaned up and sent to a foundry to have bronze castings made using the
  19. The original dodge front fender needed to be modified by removing the headlights and the mounting brackets. The original repair trucks used stock Dodge fender with a steel plate replacing the fender mounted headlight bracket...Pretty simple modification. These fenders would require some work prior to the final paint job.The clone is on the top original is below bob
  20. The rear fenders on the repair truck is the only component bolted to the body. They were designed to be an additional flat work surface for the repairman/driver. The angle iron on one side was ct and filled like the gas tank cradle. The other side we simply heated and bent to the proper curve.The sheet metal was then formed around the angle iron and riveted to place.
  21. In order for the acetylene spotlight to be supported by the dash board two reinforcing steel plates had to be made. The plates were on the back of the dash and on the fire wall. They are braced with two bent steel strips. I made an aluminum prototype to get the bend right before fabricating the steel supports.
  22. Jim yes Mark and I have met several times We actually met at the PA Military museum to get a first hand look at the Light Repair truck in their collection. That was done before I began the build and before I had bought my original truck. BTW the engine on my original truck is 315745. I also have a 1916 restored as is Mark's. Although not originally used by the army it is a very good approximation. Here it is at Hyde Park NY home of FDR thanks for your comments bob
  23. The gas tank and cradle was the next major assembly to fabricate. I cut, bent, and welded the angle iron to achieve the radius
  24. Hello again Now that the body has been riveted time to attach it to the frame and complete the seat assembly.The grab bars at either end of the seat were fabricated bob
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