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  1. Mike it is in new york a bit far for you mate! I could use the spotlight bracket but i am not buying a another truck for a bracket. I told a friend of mine about it a few weeks ago he has a liberty that needs something and the tank would be perfect. Not sure if he ever followed up The seller had no idea how much he wanted for it last I heard
  2. Received the new Carb glass from a Glass company. I will leave the patina as you see it. Also checked the water pump which I bought 18 months ago.Lucky me it was a winner.Shaft and bearing were in excellent condition. You just never know what you are getting and these FWD water pumps are very scarce. Temporarily installed it so I could measure the gap for the rag joint. Used a reamer to refurbish the rod bearings. Did two bearings the other two are at the machine shop while the sleeves are installed in two of the
  3. Here is a Liberty that surfaced in the States
  4. Hi Jim Some night the dream is more like a nightmare but I am sure when I finally awake, and it is completed , the dream will have been quite pleasurable!
  5. The FWD engine tear down has begun. After stripping down all the pipes manifolds and other components the heads were removed today. I installed a vintage chain hoist which I had purchased a few years ago at the local flea market. Cost me maybe 20 bucks. System worked fine to lift the two heads off the block. realized quickly why it was hard to crank. one of the two heads had been damaged by water freezing and causing one cylinder to bulge internally and the other to crack externally. The bulge was binding the piston. These issues will be addressed by my engine repair shop. One cylinder will ne
  6. Another day in the books for the FWD project. Today the ultra rare Stromberg model G carburetor (patented in 1909) was disassembled and all components are now free and working as they should The glass bowl is cracked and a replacement will need to be found. Removed the brass drain plus from the heads and out poured a pile of sand and rust. OUCH. The water system will need to be flushed out. The brass plugs on the top of the heads were removed and the carbon buildup was heavy. A few minutes at the end of the day we fitted the newly made water manifold (original was unrepairable) and th
  7. Found this picture of the machine shop FWD with the single post mounting an adlake headlamp
  8. Today was a busy day. Removed oil pan , oil pump(has great suction), intake manifold , warm air tube, upper water manifold, governor and carburetor. One stud broken when we removed water manifold. The manifold itself was badly corroded and will not be used. I had already secured a good replacement.A few valves are hanging up and will need attention. There is also a sticky spot when engine is turned which may be rusty rings. That is for next week. Will now have to deal with the mouse nests in the water c
  9. Adlakes were also used on my Dodge ww 1 repair truck so I am always on the look for them especially with the handles still attached. Sometimes ebay sometimes local flea markets.. Those were standard on the FWDs delivered to US Army. Were they also on UK delivered trucks?
  10. Wednesday begins engine work so today I busied myself fitting the two reproduction engine side panels I had made last year. The two larger ones were fabricated at a Southern California speed shop. Hard to get that work done around here . They match up really well with the two smaller originals. Also had two correct Kerosene headlamps. They are the same type as used on my Dodge truck. Began fitting the steering wheel but it will require patience to get it perfectly aligned and secured as it appears to be about 1/4 inch too long in its diameter. Cleaned up the right side of
  11. Tim it was pretty well stripped for running gear. NO axles or drive shafts BUT what it has is like gold to me as you well know. I may use the tie rods. After I determine that nothing else is needed I will pass it along to the next restorer of an FWD. No history although it was found in the mountains of Colorado above 10,000 feet altitude. If that was in the UK you and your team could probably build a full truck on it!!!
  12. Hello No not from Don directly. It had a different owner in the high country although he MAY have gotten it from Don. The wheels on the spare are NOT identical to the ones on my truck. The hole and ring pattern differ. It also lacks its own rings, bolts, and rim wedges so it had possibly used for parts in its past......Maybe Don? In a pinch I certainly could have gotten it to work if a wheel was needed.
  13. Hello all I am in need of the spotlight bracket which mounts to the truck. I will consider the entire assembly with light and yoke if necessary . If in the UK or EU I can provide a UK address Thanks bob
  14. The spare chassis as found in Colorado. I have needed wheel bearing , large bearing retainer nut and lock washers
  15. All four wheels mounted Had 1 cracked wheel bearing so my spare chassis was called upon to give up one of its bearings. Finally brought the truck home after 2 years. Will bring the body home this spring/summer. Now to get into the engine and mechanicals.
  16. front wheels installed today with the assistance of a fork lift. All the wheel bearings were honed to reinstall them. The left front is either a Goodrich or Goodyear wheel. All others are Firestone. There are differences. The Goodyear or Goodrich mounts the tire slightly offset and uses straight roller bearings The Firestone's use a tapered bearing. Almost ready to roll it home!
  17. Good day today .mounted the two front tires and installed inner wheel bearings. The bearings had been seized on the axles and required a lot of pressure to separate them. To reinstall them we spent several hours honing the inner aspect. Interesting is that 3 of the 4 wheels were Firestones the 4th was either Goodyear or Goodrich There was a "G" on the bolts and this one had straight bearings The Firestones had tapered bearings. The wheels them selves were slightly different as well the "G" wheel has the tir
  18. getting there. Wheels are also painted and hope to mount tires this week
  19. Thanks I did use a 2mm gun for that PLUS I used a respirator for painting. The fact that the blaster operated as he did well it was his business his responsibility my thoughts as well
  20. Perhaps on the outside edge but I will reexamine when I get o the technical/mechanical part of the project.
  21. Thanks Hope to have it all prepped for paint in a week. Need to get the wheels completely painted and then mount the rubber so the truck can be moved from present location to my home for mechanical work to commence. Will continue with updates as it moves along
  22. Back to work o the FWD. Had it sandblasted . The guy who did it spent 6 hours on it and still left much for me to do. Once it was done I had to get some primer on the bare metal or else well you know what can happen. Here are some pictures before and after blasting . Interesting is that a previous owner reversed the tailgate for no apparent reason. Easy to put it right. Note the picture with the sides lowered. ALso missing the two middle stantions on the body . Will have to fabricate them. I used and
  23. I believe that these are original to the truck I have seen other photos with the panels I believe when the side gates are dropped down a stake is placed in the ground and under the wooden panel to give extra support to the side gate
  24. That makes little sense to me . There were multiple tire/wheel makers I for one have 3 firestone and 1 goodyear on my truck and rims are slightly different. and do NOT interchange. Maybe the plan is to make rims and tires for the Liberty truck which IS standardized. That still leaves a LOT of trucks out of the loop.
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