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  1. Nice stamping...you don't get a second chance!
  2. Citroman wrote "To get brass clean without scratching it. Put it in vinigar with a few spoons of salt mixed in. It will come out like red copper but after a little swipe it looks like new." Isn't the problem being with any type of acidic cleaning of brass is that you remove the copper oxide but leave the zinc behind. So when you look at the brass closely (magnifying glass) you can see that the surface is now uneven and never sparkles like polished brass. I believe the only effective way, without damaging the base material, is old fashioned polishing with Brasso or any of the other equivalents.
  3. These are just lovely! Being able to stop is always an advantage...
  4. Steve, what is your objection to making new rollers/side plates rather than robbing another chain. Is it just because it is a easier and quicker solution to rob? If you were a motorcyclist from 50 years ago you would have a tin of 'Link Lyfe' to hand. This is a tin of solidified grease type compound which you heated up on yours Mum's cooker and then dropped your chain in. You cooked your chain for 30 minutes or as long as your dare as the horrible smell pervaded the kitchen and slowly started to seep through the whole house.
  5. I like the even tight radius bending. No mean feat!
  6. Steve, can you describe how the oiling system actually works. It appears that you need to reach the blow off pressure before you are feeding oil into the 'metered' drip tubes. Are both blow off valves fed from the same oil pump? Or do I have this completely wrong and just haven't grasped what is meant to be happening. What ever it is, every part of this assembly looks exquisite. Just hours and hours of careful lathe work.
  7. Tony, for some of us who do not know the start of this story, is Emma's dads lorry your your Peerless? I cannot imagine it is as in Emma's pictures it is all complete. So where is this Peerless now? I wonder if you could tell the tale from the beginning? Thanks, Barry.
  8. Even though they might of had plywood back in the day, I still think using it would be a bit of a cheat no matter how well executed it was done.
  9. 'The quadrant had seen better days too so I filed out a new one'. An off hand remark for something so magnificent! Look at the sharpness of those teeth. I would have used an EDM wire cutter, but Steve just uses a file and thinks nothing of it.
  10. 100% agree with Andy. The surface finish of a printed pattern which has not been re-worked has a particularly aggressive hold to the sand. All the conventional rules of a smooth surface and draft angle still apply.
  11. Steve, is this a new press that you have bought?
  12. But Steve would then have missed a rewarding night in his shed. Far more pleasure in making those than clicking a mouse for someone else to make!
  13. Steve, why didn’t you just put screws into the wooden core and try and pull it out as if it was a conventional core in a sand filled core box? Or was it Adrian’s experience that told him the only way to get it out was to use a hammer from the opposite side? I suppose a hundred years ago if they were doing this plaster of paris would have been used rather than resin?
  14. " I must decide whether to repair or replace the part now." Make new! You haven't flexed your pattern making skills very much on this project so far, so out with the MDF!
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