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  1. Tripped over this forum link whilst trawling for other info. Many early images of British etc. MT in India so if you haven't visited before and need to pass some time during this dreadful Covid isolation period, it is well worth a look. Stay safe. Rod https://www.team-bhp.com/forum/vintage-cars-classics-india/162572-pre-war-military-vehicles-india.html
  2. Al....sending you a note via PM....cheers.... Rod
  3. Cheers George....could happen to the best of us. Yes Tim I believe that the Centenary years or recognition of same have been quite a boost to the Military MT Heritage/restoration aspect. Over this way a couple of solid tyred projects have been offered to a museum down South and there are the remains of a couple of Leylands up North looking for a home, all of which coming to my attention in the last few weeks. Trust all goes well for your Pierce Arrow project. Cheers..... Rod
  4. Tim thanks for your interest and from the other 2 posts you should now have what you need however gents I would politely add the advice that there does exist certain bits of program whose task is to trawl web sites looking for active email addresses therefore it is wise to at least obscure one that belongs to a third party if not in the public domain! Cheers Rod
  5. Mail sent to your address....RD
  6. No problems Kevin. If in Australia from me and if in the UK or Europe from Mike in the UK. The book was printed here and then numbers sent to Mike for distribution. As noted it is a limited print and is selling down here at AUD43 plus post or courier. Do not prefer to have any private/transaction details on a public forum therefore the request for a PM in the first instance to progress the deal. Trust that answers your question. Cheers.... Rod
  7. Thanks David. My thoughts as well however it was not until my lengthy association with Michael Young and later meeting with my co author who spent many years on staff at the IWM that a combined result became possible. An interesting treasure hunt that answered many questions and created a few new ones. In fact Mike Young had agreed to join us just before his most unfortunate and untimely demise. Anyway it is now out there and without sounding judgemental, it should take some of the guesswork out of the decision by some to mark up a period vehicle. Cheers... Rod
  8. Recently arrived from the printers is our next book offering namely, "British & Dominion Formation & Unit Vehicle Signage, 1914 - 1918" which we believe would be a value add to the research libraries of those into this period of MT and of course those in the modelling fraternity. Please check out the attached flyer and PM me if you have any pertinent questions. Cheers... Rod
  9. Great set of pics and congrats on your progress. Having been there and done "that" one can appreciate the effort that the Goslings and other forum members have and are putting in to various restorations before they are lost etc. Be a proud moment when you 'kick it in the proverbial' and drive it out of the shed so to speak! Cheers Rod
  10. Mate great to see the effort and professional result to get another Military MT Antique back on the road and what better time to be doing such a restoration. Well done to you and anyone who takes on such a project and what a pity so much has been either discardeed or destroyed. Cheers.....Rod
  11. Tom the latest edition of an Australian quarterly Aviation magazine called "Flightpath" contains an article that will interest you. Article is titled 'From Palestine to Bull Creek' - the latter being the site of the Aviation Heritage Museum of West Australia (Perth). Material is from donated records and an album of images related to the downing and capture of an Albatross by members of the 1st Sqn. AFC and the 9th LH. Researcher's name is Mike Mirkovic. Great pic of a crossley trailer combo towing the wingless Albatross plus another of the trailer from the other side. Don't recall seeing these images before. Surprising what the centenary is pulling from the woodwork! Don't know if said magazine is available in the UK so PM me if you require details. Rod
  12. Answered my own question and included here for those interested with no intention of hi-jacking the thread. Just received some information from a very helpful chap in the UK who (enviably) has one of those nice and rare Manufacturer's Wartime Souvenir book from WW1. Basically there were three HT Ruston models, all with metal tanks and support structure sitting on wooden frames and wheels, in turn kitted out for horse however it would not have been too difficult to modify for travel behind a vehicle. The jewel in the crown so to speak is a 4th model which was a box shaped steel water tank sitting on a steel frame with closed, disc steel wheels and a single draw bar with eye - obvioulsy well suited for travel behind a lorry etc. Rod
  13. I note in your plate collection one from a Ruston Water Tank Trailer. This is a curiosity question for anyone who may have an image (linked with MT) or some input re same. In November 1917 the Australian Corps was supported by a number of British Siege/Heavy Artillery Batterys. Each in turn were supported by a Siege Battery Ammunition Column (SBAC - motorised) and two of them, namely the 141st and the 182nd were each issued with a Ruston Water tank Trailer. Were these horse drawn equipment under normal circumstances and if so how were they moved from A to B or were they a similar trailer modified for use with an MT Unit i.e., mounted on the back of a lorry?? The 1st Australian Ammunition Sub Park at the same time was issued with a Clayton and Shuttleworth Water Tank Trailer and the same questions apply. Cheers Rod.
  14. Passed on the above link and was advised by return email that nothing came up. Checked same and get a blank page. Anyone have any info re same?? Regards.... Rod
  15. Seems that the GFC and tuff times are really just a rumour!! On the other hand if people are paying such prices then such an investment should in theory end up as a value add complete restoration. Great wallpaper pics by the way. Rod
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