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  1. Ok thanks for letting me know at least I did not fit the wrong type
  2. ok will see if I can get hold of 1 thanks
  3. Does anyone Make copies or have original contract Plates for sale ?
  4. I wish I could do that unfortunately haven’t got a late to turn it on however today I struck lucky it’s not 1 miller although he may yet have one in Pieces either way I’ll try and get any parts he has least I can fit this till I can sort something out I know a of lots of people looking for Lucas as well as miler but I don’t need I will post on here
  5. Hi lex didn’t get your E mall can’t find way to send you a private message
  6. That’s even better if you can save the miler one for me And i will send you my email later thanks ant
  7. If you start to make any will you please let me know meantime are any of the Lucas ones you’re making for sale ? I No it’s not hundred percent right To fit a Lucas looks to be as close as I can get at the minute
  8. Hi anybody know where I can get hold of the correct Miller back light and if anybody is making the correct electrical connectors and how many I need I’ve tried Mr Van Dorp unfortunately he’s run out and he’s not sure if he’s going to be making any more I’ve managed to get hold of the correct light switch and some of the other bits and pieces worst case scenario don’t know it’s right I have heard of some flying flea being fitted Lucas back lights usually depot level when being refitted if they couldn’t get hold of the Miller I don’t know if this is right or not and does anybody hav
  9. Found out why the engine was seized lunatic of a Welsh farmer Who had it before me for some bizarre reason thought it was a good idea to leave two of the bearings out but it’s looking like I can save the crank lol 😆
  10. Thanks again Ron fingers crossed maybe three months she will be running
  11. Ron Do you know of anybody been able to get in touch with Mr Drop ie Roy try to email on a few occasions but never had a response if not does anybody know where I can get a back light and headlamp switch or any of the electrical parts
  12. Does anybody know where I can get hold of correct tires slowly but surely getting there and does anybody know the correct size of the studs for the rear of the seat ones Hitchcock’s sent me don’t quite look right thanks Ron
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