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  1. No worries mate. Thanks for having a look
  2. https://www.hitchcocksmotorcycles.com/partsbook-pages/3919 part 20
  3. Hi all I'm looking for a speedo part from a flying flea i have been on hitchcocks and its out of stock. Can anyone help out? PART No. 32140 DISTANCE COLLAR Many thanks
  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply. He found the engine number 18434 from the actual engine. God knows where he got the 1st number from This is the whole bike as he got it.
  5. Hi thanks for the info . I will pass it on to him.
  6. Hi thanks for the info . He has sent me these photos this morning.
  7. Hi all. Hoping for some help on a project my dad bought fast approaching 80yrs. He bought a flying flea its quite a basket case but he saw it and always wanted to do one up There are quite a few parts missing at a guess but his main question is can anyone tell him what year the bike could be? Frame number is OREM 20330 Engine is 11333 Any help would be much appreciated Many thanks Terry
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