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  1. Little wink in the discussion... my Bedford MW was in the movie... and the renting allow me to install a new rolling door for my truck's garage! I naturally have seen the movie and think like many others that he was more a good dramatic storie more that one historic recontitution... But human crisis was rather good painted... and british Soldiers quite appreciated!
  2. ginours

    Welcome back!

    Good Work! Happy to find You on line again!
  3. Hello! Mine are also originals and they are well cardboard plates!
  4. Hello to All from Spa Belgium the perfect country for one old Bedford MW driver!
  5. Hello again from Belgium, It's official now on BMVT NEWS and BMVT Site !
  6. :kiss: Hello from Belgium! Dont worry the Winter Rally will take place between the 19th and 21th of february 2016! If the dates are not yet 100% sure, it will be soon confirmed! The information was in BMVT NEWS #2015/4 and is now on the BMVT site at http://www.bmvt.eu/calendrier. All the best to all! Luc, alias ginours from Spa Belgium and BMVT member Bedford MWD 1943
  7. Yes very nice looking! Keep it with his mickey mouse look! You will only have pleasure driving a Bedford MW!
  8. Hello MV fans! I'm a Owner of a 1943 BedFord MWD, living in a little village on the hills of Spa in Belgium. Member of the Belgian Military Vehicle Trust (B.M.V.T.) from 1994, I, of course, take all the opportunities for rolling with my old truck on the typicals little roads of the Ardennes, and naturally, every five years to Normandy for D-Day commemorations! There are not many british vehicles in the Ardennes, because almost only americans were in WWII on the east of the Meuse river, and I'm often the only one british vehicle in the groups! But I'm very proud of this! Always looking f
  9. Hello Danny! Congratulations! What a fantastic work! I hope You will be OK for Normandy in June 2014! Ginours a belgian owner of a 1943 Bedford MW...
  10. Hello, They are well black... You can find the two NOS original variants by Dirk Leegwater on http://www.lwdparts.com/ > Parts Canadian Military Pattern > Armoured vehicles [h=2]Switchboard's, Canadian & U.K. design[/h]C01UC - 100398 kit assy. of the Cdn. Brengun Carrier Mk I - II Price: request LV6/MT4/C8 - 47A/29 Switchboard U.K. design instrument panel's Price: request
  11. Hello, Owner of a mostly complete 1943 BEDFORD MW I'm happy to joint the community of little crazy MV collectors! I live on the heights of the well-know thermal city of Spa in Belgium. I'm member of the Belgian Military Vehicle Trust and try to achieve the restoration of my truck... ginours alias Luc MARECHAL
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