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  1. Haha everything is Yellow I even bought a 1980 Land Rover Series 3 and within 5 weeks of purchase I did an engine swap for a 3L Essex V6 and sprayed it all family yellow
  2. Got to crack on whilst the buzz is there, yeah 2 pack the chassis and all the green will be synthetic as it’s nice and thick and covers well. Well spotted its a 1915 Leyland, served in WW1 in the Egyptian desert apparently according to Google haha
  3. She’s slowly becoming the yellow beast !! Now 60% covered in RAL 1018 the family racing colour. Soon to be covered. Hopefully within the next few weekends the cab will be fully painted and then I can work on tidying up the inside sorting the wiring out and paint the inside. Then do the final few jobs on the chassis side sort out the wiring loom and lights give her a good steam clean then paint everything in sight deep bronze green haha. Once that’s all done time to fit the body and whatever extras then she’ll be fit for the shows. Hoping to get her road ready by Christmas... much work to do wi
  4. I’d have loved to have seen a really army auction. I will definitely have to do some more digging to find her true history. So my theory of her being a yellow range control vehicle are now gone I’ve just got to find out all the why where’s and when’s. Also I love older technology hence me having a truck almost 3 times my age, at school I was more pen and paper than computer
  5. Okay thank you for your information
  6. Waw thank you that’s great can you remember the truck itself ? Was it a standard green LWB 6x4 Militant ?
  7. Hello all very interesting information your all supplying, just out of interest dose anybody have any information about sales at Ruddington 17th June 1983 ? Lot 1925 sale 179. Militant 26BR34. In parks 2 and 3. Any information would be great Thank you
  8. That’s some bloody good information mate lovely to hear it. So she’s not what I thought she was but I’ve now got to figure out why she had a new cab new engine and why/where she was shortened ? Do you have any other information on her or know anybody that would ? I’ve got more digging to do haha
  9. This is interesting so my assumption that it was a range control vehicle at the firing rage in Lulworth might be wrong ? As I think it should have been sold in yellow ? They wouldn’t have painted it green to sell it I presume ? Also do you remember if it had a back on it would it have been a dropside ? Last question. Was it a SWB or a LWB ?
  10. Waw that’s brilliant. So my question to you is was she yellow or was she green on her sale date ? This will be a huge determining factor in her history
  11. Waw that’s fantastic information so is there a chance you would have seen my Militant on her sale day ? Thank you I aim to really get on with her now and try and get her completed as quick as I can
  12. From Neglected to Newark. I haven’t posted on here for a long time because sadly I have been busy or was doing other things to make time for my big old girl. Fortunately I had a spur of spirit and set myself a target to get her to the AEC show so with 6 weeks to go I set about everything that needed doing to make her roadworthy. And at the end of the 6 weeks I was happy she was fit for the road. So me tired beyond compare after weeks and weeks or AM finished after work I left for the show at 6:20 am up all the A roads and arrived at 9:17 with no problems. Brilliant time at the show and made it
  13. Hello I would like to do a full oil change on my AEC Militant so that would be : Engine Gearbox Transfer box Diffs Axles Hubs i would likw like some help as to what oil to put it what ? I believe 10W40 Mineral is okay for the engine ? As for the gearbox and others is it 140 Hypoid ? 90 Hypoid ? Something else ? Many thanks.
  14. That video was painful to watch :'( maybe she'll be recycled into metal sheet to be used to restore other Militant's ? I hope.....
  15. Are those wiring looms made to order rob ? ......
  16. Yet more pictures I have found ! This is becoming a history lesson for the old girl found another picture of her in the hands of the travlers. No wonder the clutch was lnackered dragging that caravan round on a draw bar for the remains of her life till she was parked up somewhere which I am yet to find out. That will be another lesson when the time comes.....
  17. I think I've sussed the air system out now got her building up to 120 then blowing off as she should very happy next thing to do I think I'd start sorting the cab out do the little bits of welding and paint the cab
  18. Will continue with the gearbox relationship at a later stage my current situation is to get the air system working at full pressure. So I've stripped the unloader valve and cleaned it out renewing gaskets still won't build up to full pressure I've be told is 120PSI it's stopping at 87PSI so this morning I stripped the head off the compressor cleaned it all out put it back together and started to adjust the blow off pressure then realised when I blew down the feed to the unloader valve from the comperssor it came straight out of the recirculation pipe to the intake. So since I've stripped and r
  19. I believe this is the first time she's driven on the road under own power for about 20 years I think she's beautiful ! Can't wait to get her to some shows !!
  20. After parking the old girl up for about 4 months due to race car commitments, I finally got her back into the workshop and did the biggest job to her that I've wanted to do since I got her. Get that nasty Bedford body off the back, so after getting that off and sent down the scrap yard (I did try and sell it with no avail) I set about with the steam cleaner getting to all those parts i couldn't before after it drying in like 2 minutes al it was about 30 degrees I cleaned the yard up that I'd just covered in dirty water grease and 60 year old paint flakes. Then got the truck back in and started
  21. Also just a quick question is first gear in the militant up over to the engine and backwards ? If so I've been driving it in 3rd round the yard till today :') no wonder it was jumpy
  22. Yes mate sorry I've been really busy with work haven't had a chance to post on here got the job book from the DVLA and because it was registered and taxed after 1983 the DVLA have a record of it and therefore know it existed so treated it as a log book request rather than a new registration. Refund of £30 and my new registration. JAS707 . Which I'm telling myself is like that classic Greek mythological beast film Jason and the arganoughts ? So yes I have my log book. I have stripped down and freed off all the second axle brakes. Once again they were all new just to get rid of the body and s
  23. Thank you very much mate she is indeed, can't wait to see her all done and on the road at shows, telling everybody her story, as I'm piecing together a very interesting past she's had
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