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  1. Recent update ! Worked a good late night on Friday then all day Saturday ! Busy busy. Firstly got the vehicle in jacked up stands under the front axle cleaned all the old paint from round the wheel nuts oiled them all found a socket that fitted 9/16 Wit ? Front wheels off (careful of the big spiders) left side wheel nuts L/H thread and right side is R/H thread next had a good session with a copper hammer and a bar on the front drums (I didn't have a bolt that went into the drum to pull it off) after a while they both come off (brand new shoes ) then I wanted to change the oil and let it
  2. Hello again to answer Robs question sorry I didn't know they came with one ? Mine has been fitted with one but with some nasty aluminium plate with 2 screws in it so it's where the original should be but it's been fitted badly ! And to answer the second question the footbrake valve came off pretty easy, 3 half inch bolts one main feed pipe at the bottom and 2 pipes on the side I had to undo the pipes and take out the unions on the side pipes to clear the hole to take it out through the inside. As long as everything comes undon it's not to bad to do possibly an arse to put back on ! Trying to
  3. Sorry I haven't posted for a while everybody. Am currently still waiting for the log book back off the DVLA, I have been very busy fixing up the old girl. The new clutch is back in the gearbox is re fitted all greased up and adjusted got the compressor fitted and running up but not to sure if it's building up properly had to run it off the mains workshop compressor at the moment blew the ladder valve out and got that to blow off ! Very happy when that happened. Had to strip and rebuild the foot brake valve as it was seized constantly exhausting. Got that back on and all the brake chambers mov
  4. [QUwOTE=volvoc303;486261]More thoughts on my milant near side number got bent up when I crossed a small stream and drop it a large rock it was made a short wheel base to pull the radar units to the top of the cliffs and be able to move in a very confined space Bedford rl was not up for the job when being us for this armoured plate was put on the back for ballast because it was built for a special purpose it was kept in service late seventies I last drove it in 1977 it was bronze green to start with then along with centurion range hulls tanks with out turrets to carry targets all were painted y
  5. Looks brilliant Rob glad to see shiny parts and panels going back together hopefully I should have mine on the road about the same time as yours ? Would be nice when your estimated end date for the restoration ?
  6. The DVLA do recognise the registration Q520AFG they know it has been taxed after 1983 after it left the army but the information is now void so I am sending off a V888 form which allows me to make the DVLA do a investigation into that registration so hopefully that will shed abit more light on the history just ordered my deep bronze green got 5 liters ! Loving it !
  7. Hello everybody well let's settle the score the yellow truck that rob posted the frame work is a dark metallic green and it matches up with my truck the first thing I noticed was the kinked mirror arm that matched up so a list of similarities it's yellow it's a 6X4 short wheelbase newer style cab solid bumper no towing slots stickers in the driver side window bent headlight protectors modern plastic mirrors driverside indicator bent back the dark metallic green and I think that was it ? you conclude for yourself.....
  8. Hello mate just a stab in the dark but an AEC Militant reg Q520AFG was in a Tom Watts yard in 1997 could this be you T.Watts ? Many thanks Andy
  9. Hello everybody apparently my AEC Militant was used at lulworth firing range as a range control truck was painted bright yellow. Dose anybody have any information on this or any advice thanks all
  10. Fuel tank is off and the gearbox is clean looks awesome really getting stuck in now ! I have now found many holes in the fuel tank so got to fix that. Just got to decide what colour to paint everything before it goes back together dare I ask ? ......
  11. Thanks for the positivity and the pressure plate should be okay once I clean it up with a sander with some decent grit paper and the same goes to the flywheel it should clean up. And yes Rob a place not far from me dose re lining and re riveting as I've noticed that's the center plate rivets have come loose and let's it turn slightly so that will have to be done but apart from that a good clean up and grease and she should be good to go also I will be putting new compressor belts on on get the compressor running and see what works and what doesn't that's all for now. Well today (Sunday) the
  12. Well that went well ! was a very interesting thing to take out. Exhaust off compressor off prop off couple of air pipes off then time for the gearbox out ! Bolts out sling round the box on the engine crane behind the cab, all the bolts out and nothing's moving, bars are leaving here there and everywhere. Still nothing. So dad brakes out the Porter power couple of hard pumps and she moved couple more go's with the bars and she came flying out pulled her out on the wooden trolley cleaned up then pulled the clutch out. Just to clarify of anybody wants to attempt this and hasn't done one before.
  13. Finally got the truck in the worship from the yard. What a arse !!!! Empteyed the yard wound it most of the way with the starter motor in low first on full left hand lock just about squeezed through the door took us 2 hours and 15 minutes to get the truck 15 yards but anyway that's the hard bit out of the way now. Time to take the gearbox out and get the clutch re lined so Atleast it will be movable then !!
  14. Also I don't know if it's just me. But seeing Rob's vehicle card and looking at my own I noticed that the dates in 1977 are written in on Rob's card and mine in what seems identical hand writing ? The numbers look identical especially the 77 ? Anybody else see this ?
  15. Brilliant Rob thanks. Who knew ! We use these all the time at work for the busses P
  16. No problem carry on I'm new to all this anyway and am loving everything you guys are putting up making me get a better understanding for Abbreviations and what actually happened to my truck, and all the military scenarios and actions that were taken.
  17. Just putting 2 and 2 together but the engine plate said it was done in 1977 and there is no record of that on the card but ontop of the engine plate it says No of workshop and it says 27 CWs which I presume is 27 command workshop so I've looked them up and they were stationed in Bordon. But the paperwork says it went into MT wing Bordon in 1971. And in 1977 it was at 238 Squadron RCT ? Any ideas ?
  18. I do believe that possibly the DIS was 1/56 January 1956 and in bracket it has (8.3.56) 8th March 1956 the only reason I can think for that gap is maybe she was stationed in Singapore from new and she took 3 months to get over there ? I mean at 38 MHP and various boats she would have had to go on dose that sound like a reasonable time to get from her depot to Singapore ?
  19. That is correct and I didn't get that deep into the details but I presume so the vehicles were different as one was sold out of service in 75' and one stayed on till 83' I think mines the later one
  20. Right here is my Vehicle card from the RLC so make of it what you will and give me all the information you've got ? I'd love to find a picture of her in her military life I have scoured the internet for hours any nothing yet so, I understand from what I can see from the card and things that have been changed on the truck since she went into service she was abit of a jet setter a hard worker traveling many miles and suffered many injuries and changes to her form as I've noticed looking round her. A bit or a triggers broom really.... any help or advice would be much appreciated thanks guys
  21. When about was this ? As mine has been changed to a short wheel base and was in the service till 83' and was painted yellow at one stage also had a new cab which was a later type
  22. Yes really pleased with the progress last night finding out more information on the truck and no pictures are fine I'd invite everyone to come and look at her if you were closer
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