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  1. Thank you Ruxy, hope this photo can confirm what it is. Apologies for going off topic. QB
  2. While out metal detecting last year I found this lump hammer, the only reason I held on to it was that I could just make out the ''Crows Foot'' arrow, it looked like a chunk of rust. A month soaking in 1 part molasses to 9 part water mix ,this is the result. A lot more info became apparent also the hardened tips showed up. It will not shift paint but does get rid of rust. I am thinking about using it on the GMC fuel tank. Thanks QB
  3. Hi gas 44, you might like to check out www.95thbg-horham.com , I am a committee member at this museum. Next year we will be holding a special anniversary over the weekend of 16th and 17th June 2018, to celebrate the arrival of the 95th Bomb Group to Horham in 1943. Hoping for some guests from the States, possible road run to places of interest, 40s dance on Saturday etc, the date is firm but events are to be finalized. The following weekend will be the popular Americana Day with a dance on the Saturday night and Cars etc on Sunday. Open days start on last Sunday of the month from April to October, but always happy to open up out side these times. All so there is a nice museum at Hardwick, various crash Memorials dotted about the area. Happy to help where I can. Quentin.
  4. Finely got to my first show last weekend. "Journey Through The Ages" show held at Palgrave in Suffolk. Usual mix of classic cars, tractors, bikes and MVs. Added photos of the 352 and a few interesting vehicles.
  5. Thank you 1068, I did have a look through the Bart Vanderveen "bible" and there are some similar wheels on vehicles in the French section. A positive I.D. would be needed as they will be for sale when I start restoration. QB
  6. Thank you for your replies, I will have a look for any markings, I did wonder if they were off a type of French vehicle, but I have found nothing similar. Q.
  7. Currently on my "Ben Hur " trailer and obviously not GMC type wheels, can anyone I.D. these for me please. The trailer has spent time in the French Army at some time. Many Thanks, Quentin.
  8. While looking through some old photos, I came across these two pictures. The "soft cab" Chev was at Beltring in 1996 while the "hard" cab Bomb truck was in Bethune during the 1994 tour. Interesting conversions. QB.
  9. Thanks Dodgey 63, got a nice NOS switch from Universal Jeep today. Yes there is a difference from the jeep trailer. Must just say how quick and helpful Cliff was with the switch and a Blackout tail light I bought at Stoneleigh. QB
  10. Looking for the Blackout switch found on WW2 U.S. Military trailers (for Ben Hur). Thank you.
  11. Thank you Sharky, I will give them a look later. QB
  12. Looking for a pair of US WW2 vehicle tail lights, one with the large Ruby light and one with the Black Out light. Or any parts. Also looking for an original Ben Hur trailer socket with or without electric wire. Thank you.
  13. Hi Dave, Sold my jeep a few years ago, bought a Corvette, still having a mid lifer, so bought a GMC! Hope to catch up with you some time. QB
  14. Thank you TonyB , Jack and Tapper, yes there was a Brucie bonus in the back, a Ben Hur trailer to be restored, mostly complete but minus a set of reflectors. Thank you John for the photo's, it looked quite a picture as you pulled up Saturday. Quentin.:wow:
  15. After posting a "WANTED" ad I was contacted by John Comber, who informed me of a GMC he had possibly for sale. A quick dash down to Johns revealed a fantastic 352, as some of you know its refresh was the subject on this forum. After a bit more work to be done on the truck a deal was done and John delivered on Saturday. I fell very lucky to now be in the possession of a very nice no winch 352 exactly what I was after. Thank you John for your patience and answering the call. Quentin:-D:-D
  16. Hi Starfire, I am limited to space, I am planning to have a shed built in my back yard to house a classic car, tractor and a GMC, the space I have will only allow 352 or no winch 353.
  17. Hi all, still looking for a GMC 352 soft cab with or w/out winch, must be on the road and mechanically sound, don't mind light cosmetic work, might consider a really nice 353 soft cab with no winch, again must be on the road and ready to go. Many Thanks. Quentin
  18. Hi all, Looking for a GMC 352 with or without winch, soft cab, would consider a really nice 353 w/out winch. Not looking for a restoration, vehicle must be ready to roll and on the button. Don't mind a truck that needs a tidy up as long as its mechanically sound. Many Thanks, Quentin.
  19. Hi all, Planning on getting back into ww2 MVs soon, had a break since selling my MB jeep a few years ago and been missing the scene since. At the moment I have set my sights on a GMC 352 Rag top. Let you know when I have something. Thanks QB.
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