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  1. I have for sale my M38 Project, selling due to a change in circumstances. It comprises a chassis, body, wings, front grill, tailgate, windshield, hood frames, battery box, spare wheel bracket, axles, transfer case, T90 gearbox, transfer case cross member, 5 wheels, steering box and drop arm, leaf springs and loads of other small parts. I have rebuilt the axles, gearbox and transfer case. The leaf springs have been re-arched and fitted with new bushes. Also included is the M38 specific parts - Air cleaner, carb, chassis bash plate, dash board and some data plates, head light. This is not a rusted out wreck, the tub needs repairs to the floor and a general tidy up but is pretty good, it still has the original paint under the civilian paint so you may be able to find original numbers. I would love to see someone save this jeep as the M38 is a rare beast and more practical than an mb / gpw:cool2: I have a non original engine available separately if you are interested. Looking for £4000 or near offer Dave 07776 088147 damery8822@aol.com
  2. For Sale is my Willys M38 Jeep project, I am only selling it as I have a new project vehicle arriving shortly and don't have the time and space for both. late style 1952 Willys M38, (not A1 model) currently dismantled, decent chassis and body to include wings, tailgate, windshield, bonnet, transmission tunnel removable panels, battery box, skid plate and front grill. Chassis not rusted out anywhere but needs new rear cross member, Body needs passenger floor and general repairs but not too bad at all (see picture) Comes with a T90 gearbox and correct Dana transfer case, both rebuilt and a good bell housing and Transmission cross member. Two good axles, the front has been rebuilt and comes with selectable free wheeling hubs, rear looks good but will need wheel bearings and brakes. I have a 1965 Buick V6 Oddfire engine to go in place of the original motor (jeep enthusiasts will understand the relevance!)but I can always keep this and adjust the price accordingly. The plan was to swap the diffs and cruise at a slightly higher speed. Original engines are readily available. I have many hard to find pieces such as original air cleaner, some data plates, Correct YS carb, hood frames, 5 wheels, pedals, and one headlamp bucket! Needs seat frames and a fuel tank. Been in the UK for ages and recovered to save from being scrapped when a local field was sold for housing. Located in Suffolk, have more pictures available. Looking for offers around £4250 Would make a good project for someone looking for a rare jeep. All still parts available at reasonable prices, mostly as NOS. Dave 07776 088147.
  3. Thank you all for your help and info - I will start the process over the weekend with the Nova. I had better put it back together and get it inspected! regards Dave A
  4. Thanks very much for your reply. I missed your first reply as I was typing my reply as you posted. NOVA sacres me, I don't want to pay tax on something thats been here for 60 years, I assume I can tick a box to say its been here for ever? I don't think I will recover the original reg (no evidence I can get my hands on) so I will strat the ball rolling as a new application I will give it a go and keep you informed. Thanks for your help Regards Dave
  5. Thanks guys much appreciated, the Chassis number and body tag do indeed start with MC. I can ask the previous owner if he can find pictures as you suggest but I suspect he couldn't find his a*$e with both hands. Nice guy but I knew he was a big eccentric when he made me a cup of tea in a jam jar! He was a typical hoarder. Anyone know how to recover a reg from DVLA or go about starting from scratch without a NOVA form? Cheers Dave
  6. Thanks for the welcome. I am just outside Kesgrave Ipswich. I recognize two people so far - Quentin and Adrian - ! Quentin you parked behind my Mustang at the custom car show in Ipswich last year, your Corvette is stunning. Adrian - I still see your old M151 occasionally, its been restored but need doing again now. Hope to see you all at some shows, my Son is 18 and really into MV's as well as all kind of automotive fun so we are looking forward to next season. We are just finishing his slammed 65 Beetle with a Porsche 356 motor for next year before hitting the M38 hard.
  7. Hello, A bit of advice please, I was lucky enough to find a very rough M38 jeep in a field in Suffolk, I will do a proper post on the restoration but I have a problem - no documents. In the good old days I would go down to DVLA Ipswich and they would inspect the vehicle and issue an age related plate. How do I go about it now? Specifically no NOVA paperwork. I have recently registered an imported 1969 Ford Mustang bought in before the Nova scheme and that was a nightmare! The Jeep is pretty rough but complete apart from having no engine, everything else has been together since the factory, to confuse the issue Post-war jeeps don't have chassis numbers although this one has had the vehicle ID number (from the body data plate) stamped on the chassis leading me to believe it has been registered before. I bought it from a guy who has had it in his family forever (at least 30 years) but he can't remember the registration number, it came form a local USAF base in the early 60's and his uncle used it on the farm along with a CJ2A jeep which is in still in the field and has faded military markings! Essentially I am worried about lack of proof regarding import tax and getting an age related reg, particularly as it has probably already have been registered. Help!! Thanks for looking Dave
  8. Hello, Just to introduce myself. I Live in Suffolk and have had MV's all my life, I learnt to drive on a farm in Norfolk in my Grandad's Willy's MB in the 1970's when I was 11 or 12 and before health and safety became popular! In the 80's, 90's and early 2000's I had a nice collection of softskin American vehicles, mainly Dodges WC52,53,54,57, Jeeps, Harleys and Indians the trucks being mainly sourced by Mike Stallwood - but a healthy midlife crisis later and I have a very nice 69 Ford Mustang and very few MV's!! I have just swapped a rough BSA M20 for an even rougher Willys M38 which I am gathering parts for, the intention being a fully restoration (father and son project) to have a bit of fun with. (I also have the odd Indian 640 scout hidden away). Dave
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