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Hello All

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and looking forward to a pleasant New Year.

I have been a member of HMVF for 4 years and during that time never posted any articles, so this is my first post and I am looking forward to your replies.

Some 35 years ago I aquired a small generator unit, very similar to the Chorehorse ones on the site now. The gen set came from a friend who unfortunately left the set outside to gather rust at an alarming rate + at some stage it had been dropped on the control box causing quite a bit of damage, fortunately the tin parts were easily straightend, but much of the wiring was damaged. I am at the stage where I would like to get the set reassembled and running, that is where I hope you can help me out.

This set is different to all the others I have seen on various web sites, mine has the control box on top of the generator, all others I have found have the box on the side.

I made a number of wiring diagrams at the time the set was dismantled to help with rebuilding but I have hit several problems.

These are the details from the various plates on the fuel tank and the fan casing.

Power Unit DC/AC 250w (American) No3    BMB 1941 WD

Serial No B1079

Cat No ZB A1101

1. Should there be a variable resistance on the control box to set the output voltage.

2. Does anyone out there have a wiring diagram for this particular set, I found one for a BSA set which has been very helpful.

3. Through testing I have found the pick-up coil in the cut-out is open circuit, I have dismantled the cut-out and weighed the wire removed to give a clue as to the qty required to rewind it.

4. I have an assortment of wires and copper links but I cannot see where they belong.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Attached a couple of photos to give an idea as to where I am in rebuilding the set.

Regards Roger




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