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  1. Sorry, Lowfat, i forgot to do the measurement thing for you. I'll get on that. Been busy with other parts. I had to do a bit of brazing on the coolant header tank. I was aware it had a dent, but sandblasting revealed a small crack that needed to be repaired. I am happy i have the correct paint colours now.
  2. I have a spare engine. I may have a spare gearbox, not sure, i think we had a bid on it. Where are you based ?
  3. What kind of talk is that ? Get on it !
  4. Not that it matters, i'm just curious. What does BILCHROME mean on a rolls royce B81 SV block ? Did they make the casting ?
  5. The stand would be easy to knock up ! Let me know if you need measurements etc
  6. Stuck in, what I consider, a mundane section of the refurb at the moment. Sandblasting and repainting every piece of it. I much prefer the strip down part of it, but then comes the rebuild, and hopefully a positive key turn at the end of it ! Ah well, a necessary evil.
  7. Engine back from overhaul. Didn't need much as it goes.
  8. Ingenious ! Well done !
  9. Damm, i thought i had that, and the coveted trophy !
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