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  1. Humber Pig / Saracen ... vehicles of the Troubles.

    Hi Hammer, Welcome aboard. None of the above vehicles are out of the question ! I have two saracens, FV610 and FV603, once you get them right, they are easy to maintain, tax free, mot free and £95 a year, fully comp insurance. Bits are easy to get. I just had an engine in one of them, relined, pistons etc runs like brand new. The MPG is nowhere near a prius, but who cares ! Go for it ! get a sarry ! Give me a shout if you need any help.
  2. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    I just wanted to quote the third sentence. I felt it was a very accurate description of our 'betters' ? Well said
  3. American Canvas

    What vehicle is the hood for. I do have some wartime canvas.
  4. American Canvas

    If it is the bow gun muzzle cover for a sherman you are looking for, i have some.
  5. Army radio sales co

    I got very good service from TDM Electronics in Poland. I was a bit wary at first, but they very quickly dispatched two Racal VRM 5080's and all necessary ancillaries. Which turned up two days early and all in working order. Also, for what i thought, was cheap ! I have only dealt with them twice, both times it has gone well, maybe i just got lucky !
  6. Army radio sales co

    i use clansmanspares aka ta_shunca_uitco on ebay based in wakefield, west yorkshire. warehouses full of clansman stock, knowledgable and quick delivery. tested and working, unless he says otherwise.
  7. Hello From A Prospective Daf 4x4 Owner

    I have also been thinking i need one as well John. I will start looking in earnest and let you know how i fare.
  8. chieftain AVRE

    By way of a memory jogger, this is an information panel on front nearside. Mean anything to you ?
  9. chieftain AVRE

    The chap on the right is called Eddie Green I will find pics when i can
  10. chieftain AVRE

    Me taking Willich over a berm. She runs fine, just a minor issue with fuel solenoid.
  11. chieftain AVRE

    I'm sure yours is a Sankey conversion, not Willich.
  12. chieftain AVRE

    I have some photos of exactly what you are talking about, there are a few lads on the pic, you could be one of them, i will try to find them, watch this space.
  13. chieftain AVRE

    For those who were there at the time, Stephen Bursi (on left) Ted Dixon (in drivers) i can't remember the lad on the rights name, but i can find out if necessary.
  14. chieftain AVRE

    Just so happens one of the lads who built them lives 5 mins from me and told me all about them and what was involved in building them. They made twelve of these and there are supposedly only four left. we have two, one is at chatham, and i think the other is languishing in Withams yard.
  15. chieftain AVRE

    Here is a pic of me driving a Willich, this was originally an MBT, i don't think yours was !