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  1. Hey Mac, I have a 432 i might sell, its a Mk1, it will be running and driving, but will need some cosmetic work, and a few bits and pieces.
  2. I believe there is a company up near Preston that is reconditioning older units such as yours. I am about to get in touch with them, i need two 432 starters and a CVRT generator looking at. I do have some spare take off B starters, what parts do you need ?
  3. Ditto. I am also half looking into the 'disconnect' option. Awaiting knowledge from a superior being !
  4. Well done on the escape hatch. It looks like it is in good order, and anything that is not, will be. It should be a very useful vehicle for you.
  5. Well done, and good on ya ! If i can be of any help let me know
  6. Here, Here, Amazing and well done to all concerned !
  7. Tarland, I hope these photos go some way to answering your questions ?
  8. Many thanks 'FS' for the manual, that will be a big help, especially for the fitting of radios. Hi Tarland. Two small pumps on front sponsons operated by fire crew, moving or stationary. One larger pump on rear, again operated by fire crew. Two IBC's on board, sometimes four. All systems on the Shielder seemed to stand the heat pretty well. The tracks appear to have not been damaged. Especially after working hard every day for eight days ! I'll find some more photos.
  9. How is the clean up on the shielder going ? Have you found anymore issues ?
  10. We recently offered our services to Lancashire fire service to help with the fires on winter hill nearby us, they were quick to accept our offer ! the vehicle turned out to be ideal, accessing areas that were otherwise out of reach.
  11. Hello fellow shielder owner. I have a drivers manual on its way to me, should take a week or so. when it arrives i will let you know and email a copy. In exchange will you then send me a copy of the technical description as i do not have one ? Regards Dale
  12. I am pretty sure i will be in Pinjarra in September, if you like i may be able to take a look. Let me know how far you get.
  13. Thanks for that Andy, I will be all over the fuel system early next week. The sarry can be seen trying to keep up with the shielder in this video taken earlier this evening. I'm in the shielder, and Dave is driving the Sarry More of an incline rather than a hill, but still could not get revs up in third gear. We will keep exploring options. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it !
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