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  1. 30 cal values

    Hi Paul, I have been looking for one for a while to go in my Saracen turret. Let me know when you decide on a price. Cheers
  2. K60 starter problems

    You could force the solenoid into the open position and put a nut under it to stop it returning, then try your starting and running procedure. If that works you will know you have a failed solenoid.
  3. BATUS Ferret 00CC78 Refurbish

    Amazing refurb, its a credit to you. Keep up the good work. keep the photos comming
  4. Wanted used canvas mb jeep

    or one of these ?
  5. Wanted used canvas mb jeep

    Is it one of these ?
  6. Sand Blasting Paint

    You know where to come Rick to get your bits polished ! How did you go with the oil and boiling gearbox secret ceremony ?
  7. Sand Blasting Paint

    There is a photo of the breathing apparatus i use here. Its powered by an extra feed from the compressor through an 'air breath filter' on the separate regulator. This feeds clean air into the mask. Its all very cheap to put together.
  8. Wanted used canvas mb jeep

    do you have a photo of the canvas you are after ?
  9. Sand Blasting Paint

    I agree Dave, i have suitable, air fed mask, that is good for blasting and painting. £40 ebay. i can't find a pic, but i will.
  10. Sand Blasting Paint

    I totally agree with decauville's sentiments exactly. I use kiln dried sand from BnQ, its around 4quid a bag, and half a bag did the full gearbox into every nook and cranny ! Blow of with an air line, prime straight away. I did a full engine last week with same result !
  11. Sand Blasting Paint

    Then finish in whatever colour is required. I didn't take a pic with the shiny new discs attached, should have done to show completion.
  12. Sand Blasting Paint

    If it is practical, give it two coats of primer.
  13. Sand Blasting Paint

    Better to get a coat of primer on it straight after blasting.
  14. Sand Blasting Paint

    I have yet to find something as good as sandblasting that will give a 'brand new' finish in such a short time. I will try to take some pics of the blasters i use to give you an idea. I recently refurbed a gearbox for a friend. It took 30 mins to get back to metal, 30 mins to etch prime. Next day two coats of engine blue. Job done, all in all, 3 hours.
  15. Panzer 2 turret

    Here Here ! Keep the photos coming. Excellent work. Indeed AWESOME !