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  1. Another good point John. maybe they would sell me a copy of the manual ? i had no idea it would be this tricky. Good job I like a challenge !
  2. The large nut on this ram is the the only form of mechanical pressure I can see.
  3. John. you make it sound so easy !😃 ferret. i think that’s where I am at. If it is self adjusting there should be a little ‘play’ left. So I will compress it, remove track, then watch what happens when I release slowly. thank you both.
  4. Thank you for your reply. it is nothing like the 432 or CVRT setup, which I have done plenty of, it is a self tensioning setup, but I can’t figure it out yet. I will be working on it today so I will take some more detailed pics. the second time I do it will be easy !
  5. There must be somebody out there who could give me a clue how to take the tension out of this track so i can remove it, in order to take the back end off. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I am looking for any form of manual or explanation notes for a Shutzenpanzer HS 30. I am trying to remove the engine, gearbox and steering unit. It is a rear access vehicle, the back end comes off to access engine etc, i am trying to find the correct way of doing this, does anyone out there know ? anybody have any experience with such things. eg. How do i de-tension the track ? Any help would be greatly appreciated ?
  7. Simon. Here are the measurements you asked for. Sorry it took so long. A = 2580 B = 4250 C = 2820 D = i could not access the mortar hatch due to stuff being piled on top. E = 1235 F = 1005mm I hope this helps.
  8. No problem Steve, I will be doing the measurements tomorrow. Thanks again for posting Simon, fascinating stuff !
  9. The vehicle the above call sign matrix was affixed to was, 42 Alpha.
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