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  1. If it's non-standard then re-cutting it to a slightly larger non-standard size might be an option. (I have the technology.... https://youtu.be/i4fTythQj5s?t=60 )
  2. I wonder if there is a way to print just a thin shell then fill with expanding foam? Or maybe use a very sparse porous fill pattern and pour in 2-part resin. Don't forget to leave a hole to glue a dowel in so that the moulder can insert a screw to pull the pattern out of the sand. (CAD makes it trivial to put that at the exact centre of gravity)
  3. andypugh

    Karrier WDS

    Ben found a source in India:
  4. andypugh

    Karrier WDS

    The 1916 Dennis fire engine has blocks of oak between the spring and axle, but these might not be original. I assume that the red fibre is somewhat thicker than the normal fibre washers? 3mm is available here: https://www.rhnuttall.co.uk/materials/vulcanised-fibre/
  5. Of course, you have a shaper with a slotting tool for it, so just need a dividing table that can be mounted at right angles to the shaper table.
  6. As-drawn the torque times the tangent of the angle of the face from a line from the centre point. (times µ) If you sweep the extension of the pawl face to the other side of the centre point, just a bit more than the weight of the pawl. I keep meaning to design and build a CNC slotting head for my mill. Perhaps this is the excuse?
  7. Recently uploaded to YouTube, the Top Gear piece about the 1987 Brighton Run. https://youtu.be/3KiARdTBmVA I remember the Lancre roadsweeper from back then, but haven't seen it for a while. Ditto the Chocolate Express bus. The 1916 fire engine is still around, you can see a very youthful me at 209 seconds in.
  8. andypugh


    Found via a YouTube channel that I frequent: I think he plans to have more videos in the future. I imagine he could make replicas for our vehicles.
  9. It shouldn't, it is a light-switch and should be insulated to at least 241V
  10. LP8389 has a square of 4 of those porcelain and brass light switches. Original as far as we know. Head light, side light, trembler coil and magneto. There isn't any HT at the switch, it shorts the LT side of the mag to earth.
  11. 🎵Picnic time for White and Poppe🎵
  12. And I imagine that the OD of the flange also stops them dropping down into the crankcase I am not sure how big a peg would need to be to cope with a piston picking-up. But if that happens you have other problems. If the liner dropped far enough for a piston ring to pop over the top, then that would be bad.
  13. You might be able to get "lamp oil" which might even be better. https://www.robertdyas.co.uk/clear-lamp-oil-1-litre And I would expect barbecue lighter fluid to work. Possibly even white spirit. In order of preference for fire breathing: lamp oil, paraffin, barbecue fluid, white spirit. (Just don't swallow any of them).
  14. Have you considered extending the core through the gudgeon pin holes to hold it more central during casting?
  15. Silver solder? What is the material?
  16. Do you have a lathe? I can make the spinning former from a drawing relatively easily, if you want to do the spinning. Or I could probably do the spinning too, but not as quickly.
  17. andypugh

    Karrier WDS

    So, that's your one and Ben's two? (There are several fire engines, of course)
  18. I wouldn't entirely exclude the possibility.
  19. A new bezel looks like a fun metal-spinning job. Here is my guide to making lamps by metal-spinning: https://bodgesoc.blogspot.com/2015/02/headlights.html
  20. andypugh

    Karrier WDS

    This is another marque that makes the standard of engineering of the contemporary Dennis vehicles look rather amateur. Those cross-members and torque tube look very expensive, and very hard to make and rather lovely. It's interesting to compare this fact to the continued existence of both the Dennis company and an awful lot of their vehicles.
  21. andypugh

    Karrier WDS

    That's cool (and I wouldn't mind a Dalesman too) but I really meant the "Mountaineer" from the early 1920s.
  22. Leave big solid blocks and then machine? Or buy a 3D printer to make your core boxes with. Saves a lot of skill.
  23. I seem to recall you have a ball-turning attachment. Could that be fitted with a CBN tool to generate the circular profile?
  24. I reckon that my CNC lathe with a CBN tool could tickle them back in to shape it it was OK for them to become a little thinner. (And I am not allowed in to work for 3 weeks, and expect to run out of things to do)
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