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  1. ianevans

    FV 432

    Hi, i have a couple that may interest you ,not road registered though . PM if you can't find any
  2. Hi , Sorry been busy , have taken 2 pics if you pm me a number then i will whatsapp them to you cheers Ian
  3. hi yes i've got 5o cal box contact me next week
  4. Hi , I would like to take them are you near Hexam, i could get them picked up there ,,,thanks ian
  5. Hi Do you still have these wheels and where are you thanks Ian
  6. Hi Are AEC militant wheels any good
  7. Hi Terry, many thanks for that will look into it .
  8. Does anyone know where i can get the drivers hatch covers made . i can supply covers as a template to copy or has anyone cast them themselves . Thanks
  9. the FIP was low in oil , now have the side and back plates off and soaking in duck oil while i work linkage to try and free off
  10. Hi All Hoping someone can help. after driving the 432 yesterday when i went to stop and switch off ignition she kept going. had to use pedal to stop her .have taken solenoid off and it is the linkage in the pump which is stiff , any ideas how to free it off cheers Ian
  11. Hi , Well done on sorting fuel problem , however i would be a bit concerned as to why it went out of adjustment in the first place , especially if it was a good runner before hand . I had an abbot pack once which although everything appeared free and had been a good runner, when was started jumped to maximum revs, not a runaway just the pistons in the pump were at the full position . keep up the good work and lets us know how it behaves cheers Ian
  12. Hi I,ve been working on a perkins 6354 injector pump which has a gauze filter in the fuel intake in the pump ,it was full of crap Ian
  13. Hi All, looking for the battery switch box for an Alvis Stalwart . thanks
  14. Hi please contact me as i have one needing work. cheers Ian
  15. Hi . i found that a pallet trolley and two long bits of threaded rod gets final drives off and on quite simply.
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