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  1. Tootles

    DO 17 raising

    I suppose that if previous generations had thought this way, then there would be no Norman Castles, nor a Hadrian's Wall, or even many of the 16th century country houses we hold today as our precious birthright. That aircraft alone is probably worth a couple of castles. I went some years ago to see the remains of the very last Blackburn Skua, rescued from a Norwegian Fiord, fantastic. Much better, I think, to spend the cash on a project like that, then give it away to nuclear powers as so called 'foreign aid'??
  2. The 'riot electrification device' was first fitted to our Mk2 Ferrets in 1970, whilst in Northern Ireland. A hole was drilled into the hull floor, just to the right of the commander, and forward of the .30 cal ammo box container. A pipe led through this hole, and a 2pt oil bottle, filled with water, was mounted upside down on the ammo bin side. A tap replaced the normal small capped hole on the bottle. Chain was affixed to the outside of the hull plate, attached to a cord, which also led through the hole in the hull. Operation was then thus: Drop the chain, open the water bottle tap, and switch on the coil. In theory, any person touching the Ferret would get a 55 thousand volt shock....(very low amps). We never used the thing, mainly because the upturned oil bottle leaked the water away long before it was ever needed.:nut: Memory failing, excuse, age. I think the hole was in the floor, however, it could have been in the hull side, very close to the floor. If you have a Mk2 with an unexplained hole leading outside, then it will probably be for this kit.
  3. I always thought that all the RAF 2As had hard tops??????:-X
  4. Maybe 1st Canadian Armoured Div?? The Scammell following suggests a RASC unit, or early REME. It has a walking frame lift on the back. The 'A' Sqn triangle on the cab door also points to an armoured unit. On the bumper is the 'Raging Bull' emblem of the British 11th Armoured, who were re-equipping at the time, the Canadians ending up with a lot of their vehicles. Pretty sure as well that the pillion rider is an American, or a Canadian in parade issue shirt and tie, and with the hills in the background, plus the scrub foliage used as cam, this could be Sardinia, or the far South of Italy?????????? Just an idea.
  5. They wouldnt let me climb in.....However, I did take a peek. Some small smoke damage, all radio cables seem intact, gunners controls, nav aid etc, still in there.
  6. Considering the 'stick' she has had on the range, she is very much complete. Most of the fighting compartment is complete, including all the gunners controls and the breech..(still in pres grease). The drivers compartment has been locked down since delivery, and is reportedly complete. Some damage to the roadwheels, but all the hatches are intact, and, she is only twenty yards from a made up road........ Alas, I have no space to put her, but, these hard targets are no longer used, and therefore not needed. Maybe someone will rescue her one day. No power pack, but the aux genny is still there, and the uprated Merrit-Wilson gearbox.
  7. Today, I had the great pleasure to visit my old Chieftain Mk2 at Otterburn Range. I signed for this tank, which was brand new from ROF Leeds, in 1969, and last saw it in BAOR April 1970, 43 years ago. It has taken some time to trace her, and with the kind assistance of the MOD team at Otterburn, I was able today to see, and visit, 04EB68 again, maybe a little bit 'aged' since we last met, but hey, so have I. Dave.
  8. Yes, your right. HRH The Princess Anne had just become CinC, and was on a visit. Padderborn, 1969.
  9. Well, I suppose that the common denominator between this and Wally's post is China???:angel:
  10. Just to finish this thread off, the museum contacted me today, and we are arranging a mutual agreement whereby full ownership is transferred to them Many thanks for all those who helped me with this, and also to those who sent suggestions. Dave.
  11. I think these photos were taken in BAOR. We had exactly the same in Padderborn, they were all built pre war to the same German design.
  12. Had this in the shed for years. I was told it was issued for taking water samples from deep wells in the desert. It has a heavy lead plug in the base, and is un-issued, the stopper is still in its pres wax paper. Any ideas as to its real use?? Dave.
  13. Many years ago, I attended an air show with the NW MVT at the Vauxhall plant at Ellesmere port. Cant remember all the details now, (it must have been around 1984), but I do recall a Vulcan doing one of the last official flights. There were loads of those ammo tins lying around everywhere, discarded from the factory stores. One chap loaded his Hippo up with them. I think Antar was also there that weekend, and might remember it better.
  14. PAY ME!!!!!! No, on second thoughts, I love the damned things so much, as they say in Lancashire, Eeeee lad, I'l do it fer nowt!!:wow:
  15. The difference in the driving experience between the Saracen and the Saladin is so great, that you wouldn't think in a million years that they were based on the same module. With the Saracen, you get the B80 screaming at you full blast, but with the Saladin, you have to keep your eyes flicking over the tacho, just so you know when to kick the GCP. Also, you feel that your hanging out of the front when driving the 'can', you can count the cats eyes as they pass under you, whereas in the Saracen, you could run a few dogs over without even seeing them...(got a 'T' shirt for that). Braking hard with the 'can', and the whole weight coming forwards makes you panic a bit, feels like the bl**dy thing is going to tip right over! On saying all that, personally, I found the Saladin much more responsive to drive, and a load easier to steer around tight left handers.As for 'kipping in the can', no probs, plenty of room in the fighting compartment, you just have to struggle a bit getting into your maggot! :nut:
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