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  1. I would love it just for the tax disc.....thats the month and year i was born.... Regards Lloyd
  2. Andy ...what do you want to kmow mate....me and Tony can help....i used to have an M20 Tony has an M8......they are great vehicles.....get an uncut one if you can and price will be dependant on a lot of things...originality......how complete it is.......condition.....etc etc Give us an idea of what your looking for and we can help. Regards Lloyd
  3. Steve i dont think youve gone deep enough to uncover the number...my hood number was under 17..yes SEVENTEEN layers of paint regards Lloyd
  4. By the way fellas im back after a long abscence...:-) "CONNIE has been refurbished and redone and now looks resplendant in her new markings...the name and the Jeep is the same but i have taken her back to 1942 spec....oh and the coke bottle opener is now on the dash....;-) Hope you guys are all well Regards Lloyd
  5. Olaf what is the cost nowadays of a plain straight standard non painted Infantry (divisional)M1.....original shell please or ? Regards Lloyd
  6. Got it on the Suffolk/Cambs/Essex Borders...too..started about an hour ago...got about an inch so far...:-) Time to get the jeep out i think ? regards Lloyd
  7. Thats not Bastogne Olaf....theres no snow..thats your back garden.....:-) We are going back the weekend of January 9th 2010 for the march of the 83rd Infantry around Bihan/Lierneux/Ottre/Fraiture are you around Olaf ? Regards Lloyd
  8. HMMMM...might change my name to lumberjack shirt Olaf.....;-) Regards Lloyd (who wears proper original WW2 stuff in the cold of Bastogne)..;-)
  9. Well "Dodge" Fellas.....Jeep delivered to Dover today after being Sold .. had a steady drive down today left Suffolk at 05-30am......new owner was waiting at Arrivals....after a inspection and drive round and test out....cash changed hands and he was on the next boat back to Belgium..... Cant wait to go get my new WC-51......new seasons not far away now..lots to do Regards Lloyd
  10. Hee Hee Hee...Hey.."who loves ya baby".......Merry Xmas Clive to you and the family. Regards LLoyd
  11. Jimmy...collecting after the 14th of January.....when the seller returns from his ski ing holiday..cant bloody wait. Tyres/Canvas and tidy up i reckon.....famous last words...:-) regards Lloyd
  12. Jimmy yes i do as she sits awaiting collection on the continent.
  13. Agreed they are great pictures....cant wait to go and collect my 51 and start work on it. Regards Lloyd
  14. Nice.....on 7.50 x 16s....is yours a compressor Jeep Jimmy ? Regards Lloyd
  15. Blimey small world..yes that was us mate....i was the "umpire".....:-) Be interested to compare notes on early WC51s mate when mine arrivesfrom Denmark Regards Lloyd
  16. Jimmy i live right on the Suffolk/Cambs/Essex border..and there is a big 8th prescence round here also. My mother and father are the 8th Air Force Historical Societys UK contact Reps and i have grown up with the mighty 8th. check us out here http://www.usaaf.co.uk Regards Lloyd (Aka Grim Reaper)
  17. FYI Jessie my WC51 will be USAAF marked aswell...as long as i have some reference pictures to go on....;-) eh Bodge ? regards Lloyd
  18. Thanks guys will try Dallas now...... So is there various brands....Omaha..Firestone or ? I used to have Nankangs on my old WC52 ?..are they still available regards Lloyd
  19. Like it Nick..Like it....had a Dodge...brought 3 Jeeps back to a Dodge gotta be something in them. If it turns out half as good as Jimmys..i will be pleased regards Lloyd
  20. Thanks fellas Dave hows the shorts ???...Nick will try Vintage thanks for the heads up.Do Dallas do those Omahas as i have heard bad reports about them ? Regards Lloyd
  21. Sound advice Tony..but i think you are just a little bit biased.....;-) Incidentally is there any MPG difference between the 2.....(additional winch weight etc ) Regards Lloyd
  22. As it says in the thread header...where is the best place to get Dodge WC 900 x 16 bar treads from then ya all ? Kind Regards LLoyd
  23. Thats brilliant Jimmy..i am especially interested in early WCs as i have just paid a deposit on and secured a 1942 WC51 tonight...chassis number..81563573. My preference was a 52 but this 51 came along and looks and runs great so i guess i will have to do without a winch....:-) Be interested to compare notes on your early 51 and mine when i get it some to sunny Suffolk. Regards Lloyd
  24. Thats a LOVELY looking WC51.....a real credit to you.I especially like the blue drab serial numbers......is that the correct number and do you have the build card from chrysler for it ? Does it possess all the early features ? regards Lloyd
  25. Why put the sparewheel next to the driver so he can't get out (Dodge). __________________ I can answer that....because in the USA when you drive on that side of the road.....you got out of the vehicle path side. In the UK during WW2 the drivers stepped out into the flow of traffic.........thats apparently why the "gap" was put in the weapons carriers. or am i talking rubbish ? Regards Lloyd PS Distributor posistion on an M8 or an M20.....poxy nightmare..:-)
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