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  1. 75 links of new 432 track with pads for sale near Dunstable £400 Gordon 07976 556791 also 9 links cvrt track new £40 cvrt track sold NOW ALL SOLD
  2. my mate has one for sale in Milton Keynes 3500 on the road ,always kept undercover. could be driven away.
  3. A friend has one for sale.contact me on 07976556791
  4. Farm storage in large barn with 14 other military vehicles . Good friendly bunch Ring Gordon on 07976556791.
  5. I think it was called airline. Some of it centered around the Berlin airlift
  6. sorry not bar grip .they are in ampthill £40 each
  7. I have 3 1100x22 and 1 9.75x22 all new if any help
  8. I can get new for £160 each
  9. i remember seeing these landrovers at 118 rec co at Northampton just a few years ago.
  10. Just fitted some tyres on to rims like these, I was told they were on an early dodge. difficult to get modern tubes to fit because of the position of the valve hole.
  11. as your QL is not original why not just convert to alternator, very easy to do and much cheaper. You can also get rid of the control box as well. Contact me for more info as I am not to far from you.
  12. when I got my goddess that had as its taxation class "crown vehicle" and I had to change logbook to historic before I could tax it as free tax. the same with my mates ex prison service vehicle
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