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    All machines large or small, bell ringing( tower).Horses ,dogs, real ale.
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    Retired,but wondering how I used to fit a days work in.
  1. Seen it done with Grey Ferguson tractors, at Three Counties Show Ground. Plenty of videos on YouTube maybe a link to Landis and Jeeps. BillyH
  2. Treacle Mines at Gullam , my grandad made pit props from raw licorice. Real mens work
  3. Could it be a photo of my mother in laws skin ?
  4. About 1000 lbs heavy ! BillyH.
  5. Ventilated case for transporting homing pigeons ?
  6. Known by some as DILAC hats . Don't I Look A Chump. Not seen much as the Jungly was more popular. BillyH.
  7. Known by some as DILAC hats. Don't I Look A Chump. Or something like that. Not oftain seen as the Jungly was more popular. BillyH.
  8. Thanks chaps, so I'm not going balmy . Looks an interesting clean shape. I worked at Aviation Traders Southend in the early 70's, Carvair was much spoken of but no mention of Vampires. It would be a good project for a model .
  9. Does anyone recall a project to convert D H Vampires to civil executive jets. Sounds daft in this day and age, reported on some serious TV programme Probably in black and white. BillyH
  10. Welcome on board and what pray is the 'project' ? BillyH
  11. That's some jig-saw you have there, best of luck with the project. Keep us posted.
  12. Black lead grate polish can be found in Canal Marinas. Lots of narrow boats have solid fuel stoves and don't the owners love polishing everything to a bright shine. BillyH
  13. Wow , you have put a lot of hard work into those pieces of history. Are they on public display in a museum ?
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