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  1. Would anyone have or know of, sale catalogues for ministry vehicles for straight after the war 1946 in particular.
  2. Hello any photos of the wings
  3. anzac


    How much for the badge
  4. I was told someone had bought it a couple of weeks ago is that not correct then
  5. The Devon area funded it and the field was owned by a member
  6. anzac


    Even more confused I have just received an email from the early ford v8 club of America UK branch who have said it's a 1941 and the F stands for foreign 😨
  7. anzac


    Having just looked on a web site from Canada they said the F meant right hand drive?
  8. anzac


    Thanks Robert if yours is anything to go by mine is a lot later than yours with an extra digit Cheers Alec
  9. Hello can anyone help me date my Fordson wot2 by the chassis number only It reads 18f 6154337 and while i am writing any spares out there like a back axle or windscreen any body bits aswell.
  10. Has anyone got a good passenger side wing for sale and bonnet
  11. Hello Richard There are five British Mvs on the movie my two oys and my Katy plus a mk 1 carrier and a morris six wheeler the rest are from the continent and look dubious Cheers Alec
  12. I have just purchased this one it's very original apart from the fact it's on the wrong wheels and no body
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