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  1. Thanks guys...I bought another compression tester today...yes that may be cheaper/simpler than removing the head. The last time I used my compression tester was on my Hillman Avenger in 1981, so it may well be duff I will try the oil trick....when I looked at the plugs they were pretty black, so I may get it nice and hot and run it up the road before retrying the compression test.
  2. The fact that the compression is so consistent between cylinders...like its exactly 50psi on each pot.....does that suggest the engine is worn, or that my compression tester is duff?
  3. Oh dear..... Just checked the compression, and all 6 are 50psi :-( I guess having fuel as an engine lubricant has really screwed things up (apparently the fuel pump has been leaking for a year...when I drained the oil out it was like pure petrol). Also, the fuel filter is a small in-line one, and it almost empties when I just sit in the drive and get the revs up to 3000, so I'm guessing under load it will empty and starve the carb? I checked the breather, and the pin inside the safety device was stuck in, so I wd40'ed it and its freed up now. oh dear oh dear oh dear....how do I break it to the missus that I nagged her for 4 years to get one, now I have a duffer! Mick
  4. Jack, to quote someone from indoors: "Another piece of useless cr@p bought from ebay to clutter the house up" I am starting to resign myself to unhealthfullness and the four stages of life: [attachment deleted by admin]
  5. Welcome Alfred...I am also new to this forum (and MV ownership). I hope you find the guys here as freindly and responsive as I have....I wish our IT helpdesk were this helpful!!! Mick
  6. Thanks guys. Yes, I contacted Jollet last week and they quote £153 +vat, which is a bargain really. My brother installed some in his landy a few years ago and has never touched them since. I will try to work up the courage to check out the compression and fuel lines later :-o [attachment deleted by admin]
  7. Hi Andrew, Thanks for the reply. how do you get to the timing weights? I tried to remove the base that carries the points but it seems very tight fit and did not want to force it. I had assumed I just undo the two screws and lift the black base out? Thanks, Mick
  8. Hi Clive, wow...quite a lot to go on. There was half a tank of fuel, I have filled it up now, and I am not sure how long the old stuff was in there. I have only had it a week, and it has run like this since I had it. The condenser is a new lucas one. I have a new set of plugs, I will fit those tomorrow. I will also check the dist cap/rotor arm...although they both look in good order. I will check the leads/firing order...I had assumed that was correct...how stupid was that! The original fuel filter has been removed, and a modern in line filter fitted...I will be fitting the original back in when I source some tubing :oops: I hope it does not come down to your last paragraph! :cry: Thanks for that...back to you later. Mick
  9. Hi guys, I have been tinkering with my new Ferret, and have so far been completely stumped trying to get any power from it. The most I can get is 30mph, and its kinda hard to even hold that speed in top gear. The engine revs freely, although a little rough at slow revs. In lower gears, it gets up to 3000+rpm easily, but struggles to accelerate/hold speed when pushed in 4th and 5th. There do not appear to be any flat spots. I have checked the carb over (with regards the easily accessable external jets etc) and it appears to be working OK. I checked the points (gaps) and replaced the condenser while I was there. I checked all the plugs, they look fine. I have replaced the fuel pump as the old one was leaking fuel into the oil. Any ideas? Cheers Mick
  10. Thanks Chris...so the transfer box/hammer drill effect is a "feature" rather than a problem ;-) Yes, I agree about the goggles...my wife gaive me a funny look when I walked back indoors....I was bright red. The guy who sold me the ferret gave me 4 helmets, three headsets and some goggles, so I am set for the weekend :-D
  11. I got the ferret yesterday, and the new (NOS) fuel pump arrived from Marcus Glen while they were unloading it. I used Chris's suggestion of pulling the fuel tank forward, and it worked a treat...it took about 2 hours (in between playing with stuff :-) )...thanks Chris. I did not realise wind was quite so bracing at 40mph, and despite my initial thoughts, pre-select appears to be a better way to change gear!!! Now I just have to work out why the transfer box refuses to change with the engine running, even when idling at 500rpm? Mick
  12. Thanks Chris. Better get myself down to Halfords :police:
  13. Holy cow....must've taken a while to retrieve all his teeth after that launch!
  14. I have just purchased a Ferret and notice there is no registration number on the front of the vehicle, except for the old military number on the top of the hull. The correct DVLA reg is on the back, but just painted on with white paint. question is (are): Do I need the registration on the front (and can the military one also be displayed) Is having it painted on sufficient? Cheers Mick ps...it is getting delivered on Thursday....I cannot wait!!!!
  15. saracenstump, thanks for the info...I have seen him advertise on milweb but he does not have a website...I'll give him a call. Mick
  16. £3.6K, and considering I have seen "for restoration" ones up for £2K, I don't think I've done too bad....but time will tell. ps...if the missus asks, it cost nothing...the army gives them away :evil:
  17. Hi guys...glad to be here...it took four long years to convince the missus that we could actually have a Rolls Royce, that would cost less than £100 to insure and no road tax....boy-oh-boy is she gonna be surprised when it turns up on the drive :whistle: Rick...I think you may be right...auction finished yesterday. Yes, it does seem a bargain, and the seller seems a really nice guy. I just need to get it transported back from Peterbrough to Woking in Surrey. I'd love to drive it, but the seller made me see sense....I know he is right as I have never driven a pre-select before (although I have read and re-read a Saracen user handbook) and it has that leak in the fuel pump. Do any of you guys have a low-loader ;-) Mick
  18. Clive/Mark, thanks very much for you insight and tips. I think I will stick with the mechanical pump, like you said. I am guessing I will be posting a few times on here over the next few weeks/months. I just cannot wait to get my teeth into it now. Mick
  19. wow...quick response!! Thanks Chris, I'll get some manuals and give it a shot. Mick
  20. Hi, I am a newbie MV owner (Ferret mk1/2). I have wanted either a ferret, Saracen or PIG for 4 years now, and have visited Beltring and spoke to owners to guage whether I was really being mad. My wife has finally succumbed (although I am not sure she will be so keen when I take delivery next week). I went down the Ferret route as the Saracen just seemed too complicated/expensive to run for a first vehicle, and the PIG did not seem as much fun. Well..looks like my weekends will be pretty full from here on out, but now I am really looking forward to next July
  21. Hi, I am a newbie to this forum, and indeed to MV ownership. I have just bought a ferret mk1/2, that has a fuel pump leak, that is apparently leaking fuel into the oil. I have not yet got any maintenance/service manuals (I'm looking into that at the moment), but does anyone know how easy/hard it is to service/replace the fuel pump? I spoke with a guy at Beltring a couple of years ago, and he had converted his Ferret to an electric fuel pump...which sounds like the way to go. Any advice? Thanks, Mick
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