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  1. Any more news about this? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/defence/9016921/Major-investigated-over-fake-tank-museum-fraud.html
  2. Not a Pavesi, but a Swedish copy - Artillery tractor m/1928 made by Nohab who used the Pavesi design. Picture DSC6540 in the link below http://www.plasticwarfare.se/2011/06/a-report-from-the-opening-of-arsenalen/ Two known survivors, one untouched original and one (this one) restored.
  3. If I remember right the guys at the Swedish Military Vehicle Museum Arsenalen managed to resque a pile of Centurion road wheels before they were melted down. You will find contact info at the website - why not ask www.arsenalen.se
  4. At the new Swedish MV Museum, Arsenalen there is an FWD from 1917 that has been hidden in a "secret" storage for years - original (not restored). There is also an LK II from 1918 with original Benz engine, and as I understand there is another LK (upgraded with Scania engine) that will be restored into running condition. The Renault NC 27 is a "postwar" vehicle, but as far as I know the only remaining in the world. The "Pavesi" is not a Pavesi, but a Swedish built NOHAB Artillery Tractor from 1928. http://www.plasticwarfare.se/2011/06/arsenalen-the-new-armour-museum-in-sweden/ http://www.arsenalen.se
  5. Found two more links with great pictures from the museum - interesting stuff in the collection and there are more in the storages (not open to the public at the moment). http://www.plasticwarfare.se/2011/06/a-r...pening-of-arsenalen/ http://www.plasticwarfare.se/2011/06/ars...ur-museum-in-sweden/
  6. A fantastic Museum with many interesting vehicles on display. Found some pictures and a film from the opening: http://www.hobbybokhandeln.net/?p=6249 http://www.hobbybokhandeln.net/?p=6269 The museum is open every day until end of August - a visit is recommended. www.arsenalen.se
  7. Found this on another forum: “On June 17 the new Swedish MV Museum Arsenalen is inaugurated by His Majesty the King of Sweden. The new homepage is now up and running. arsenalen.se/en/default.aspx As I understand the former Tankmuseum in Axvall, The former MV Museum in Malmkoping and other "secret" storages have been assembled to one location in order to create a new combined museum of both soft skins and AFV's.” I read somewhere that the entire collection consists of more than 350 vehicles – many quite unique – but in order to create an interesting museum for the general public they have picked some of the best exhibits from the collection for display in the new museum. The rest will be kept in a nearby storage with the possibility to make changes. There is also a quite big fleet of running vehicles, and they do some restoration too Unfortunately the link below is in Swedish, but there are some very interesting pictures http://www.maskinisten.net/viewtopic.php?t=23163&postdays=0&postorder=asc&&start=0
  8. I think it is important for collectors, museum staff etc to be aware that this actually happened. Someone</SPAN> stole very rare and valuable items from a state museum in order to enrich himself and to help a private collector to get items almost impossible to get hold of. Knowing</SPAN> about this incident can hopefully prevent other museums or collectors experiencing similar - or am I wrong?
  9. Sorry Dingo - just removed your post for legal reasons. Drop me a PM if you have any worries. Best wishes, Jack.
  10. Anyone who can reccomend what type of oil to use in engine and gearbox on T 72?
  11. SID stands for Signature Integration Demonstrator - a sort of "Stealth Tank" - it is a tank equipped with different solutions in order to test how to bring down the signature. The tank in the movie belong to Bovington Tank Museum.
  12. The Foundation is still going strong, but as said - discussion about a new name. I hope the new homepage will be up and running soon. As far as I know they have been helping Bovington Tank Museum with the Tiger engine so that the Tiger will be running againg this summer. But they have also been working on other customers projects. About WW I vehicles - yes they have been starting on a restoration project - a French FT 17
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