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  1. 1914 Dennis Lorry

    thought this may be of interest said to be 1913 dennis rolling chassis ebay number282651745007 not mine chindit
  2. WW1 finds and discoveries

    also how about a 1913 dennis chassis ebay uk no 282651745007Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.chindit 282651745007 Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. 282651745007 Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. 282651745007 Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. 282651745007 Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.
  3. WW1 finds and discoveries

    sorry if i have added confusion to this conversation i see i have signed as mike to. the ebay uk listing number 302450153785 is for what i would say say is ww1 lorry front axle and wheels sporting some army paint as i say its nothing to do me chindit
  4. WW1 finds and discoveries

    this may be of interest to all ww1 eara lorry men on ebay number 302450153785 front wheels and axle with green paint nothing to do with me ,mike 302450153785 Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.
  5. hi spotted this i know there is interest in all early trucks on here by some members thought this looked good for age . as i say not mine ebay number 111562196254
  6. looks like two more of these on ebay number 301079040491 not mine .chindit
  7. early lorry chassis on ebay

    sorry try 251424022103 chindit
  8. hi thought id post this early lorry chassis wooden wheels chain drive . found on ebay number 25142022103 not mine but id like to know what it is .sorry im not smart enough to sent you all to it chindit
  9. ww2 morris was it saved ?

    about two summers ago i previewed a farm sale in Gloucester a old chap in his ninety's had died and they were clearing the farm ,the sort of farm rarely seen now loads of old gear but on the preview day it seamed quite. any how i have just come across some pics i took of a sad Morris, i know it was talked about at the time and i just wondered was it saved ? chindit
  10. hi,i am really working hard to save this from the gas torch the site its on is to be cleared , with help from runflat we think its from a late 20 s model JJ located in somerset uk thanks chindit
  11. N Z Thornycroft

    more thornycroft wheels .just wanted to add i know of wheels and front brake less axle thought to be from a late 20s JJ these will be cut up in the near future if not saved located in somerset England. chindit
  12. guys sorry if i miss-led any one but the ammo boxes i saw are the type and size of the vauxhall boxes but are not vauxhall ones thanks chindit
  13. hi i have just seen 2 of this type of ammo box today in a old shed covered in rust but i think sound [i think ] one is 1944 the other is 43 ,c219 cmc is the number on the 43 one ,not mine but may be available pm me if interested in somerset mike [chindit]
  14. ww 1 chassis on ebay

    hi, just found this on ebay, thought it may be of interest, it is said to ww1 chassis with living van built on it . going to be a dear way of buying it but ithought it was interesing. sorry im not smart enough to direct you to it but its listed under vintage 1930s living van . chindit
  15. any one know what this chassis is from

    wow runflat you sure worked that out quick ! took me longer to cut the hedge down, to take the pics. ed be nice if you did have a better chassis had a google nice looking old truck its in somerset near ilminster pm me if you do want it ,i will put you in contact with the owner . thanks guys chindit