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  1. Tim The dodge plate is on the cowl the repair truck is on the body Here you can see both. My truck is the only one of the 3 left that still has the Dodge plate on the cowl bob
  2. Tim My generator is 5 in wide at the top 7 in wide lower section and 14 in tall (at the edge) not including the curvature of the top. Therefore close cousins of each other but slightly different in the mounting. bob
  3. Tim The manual calls for Solar Generator model 1012B. here is a picture. It is not yet installed as running boards are still in progress
  4. hello Ft MacArthur does own an FWD and a 1918 Dodge Repair truck. Here is a pic of their FWDhttp://www.globalarray.net/user/bobspics/fwd.JPG
  5. yes It has USA marked SOLAR generator and similar marked Solar searchlight. Glad you like the pics bob
  6. Here is one more view of the 1918 : http://www.globalarray.net/user/bobspics/18ow.JPG
  7. Tim there are actually 2 plates on the Light repair truck Here is the other one ..bob http://www.globalarray.net/user/bobspics/rt5.jpg
  8. Hello glad to share Here is the 16 and the 18. The 16 was a 4 year frame up restoration. It is restored to ww 1 configuration. the 1916s were first used by US forces along the Mexican border in pursuit of Poncho Villa. My 16 was originally a standard DB touring car as were ALL of Pershing's car during the campaign. The 18 was one of the group of repair trucks NOT to go to France. About 500 did . The rest stayed in the US. This is one of 3 known to exist. 1 is in LA California museum the other in Pennsylvania military museum. Mine is the most complete and original example remaining. Owned for 50 years by a gentleman in Northern California. It had been a farm vehicle after ww 1 and used as a plow truck!!! I have been working on it to restore to original configuration. Enjoy the picture .I have more if you want . Bob http://www.globalarray.net/user/bobspics/1618b.jpg
  9. Hello I thought I would add the data plate from my 1918 Dodge Light Repair Truck.http://www.globalarray.net/user/bobspics/dataplate.JPG
  10. Hello All, I have read some of your posts and I thought I would like to add my input. I have collected militaria for 45 years. I own a WC-56 a 1916 Dodge staff car and a 1918 Dodge Light Repair Truck. So I am kind of partial to DBs. My father was a navigator in the 487th BG (H) in Lavenham. He flew 28 missions and survived!! That is why I am here! I have been an avid Army Air Corps collector/historian and the WC-56 is dedicated to the 487th BG I was the historian for the Bomb group for a time and I have visited USAAF Station 137 several times. I am active with living history group in my area and have been invited to display at The US Military Academy at West Point and at the Hyde Park New York State home of FDR . I have more recently moved into the ww 1 vehicle arena as these are far more unusual. I especially like the thread re the Dennis truck restoration. My Light Repair truck is to my knowledge one of only 3 remaining of the 1012 built. The other 2 being in US museums. So that's it for a quick Intro. Bob
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