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  1. Hello No not from Don directly. It had a different owner in the high country although he MAY have gotten it from Don. The wheels on the spare are NOT identical to the ones on my truck. The hole and ring pattern differ. It also lacks its own rings, bolts, and rim wedges so it had possibly used for parts in its past......Maybe Don? In a pinch I certainly could have gotten it to work if a wheel was needed.
  2. Hello all I am in need of the spotlight bracket which mounts to the truck. I will consider the entire assembly with light and yoke if necessary . If in the UK or EU I can provide a UK address Thanks bob
  3. The spare chassis as found in Colorado. I have needed wheel bearing , large bearing retainer nut and lock washers
  4. All four wheels mounted Had 1 cracked wheel bearing so my spare chassis was called upon to give up one of its bearings. Finally brought the truck home after 2 years. Will bring the body home this spring/summer. Now to get into the engine and mechanicals.
  5. front wheels installed today with the assistance of a fork lift. All the wheel bearings were honed to reinstall them. The left front is either a Goodrich or Goodyear wheel. All others are Firestone. There are differences. The Goodyear or Goodrich mounts the tire slightly offset and uses straight roller bearings The Firestone's use a tapered bearing. Almost ready to roll it home!
  6. Good day today .mounted the two front tires and installed inner wheel bearings. The bearings had been seized on the axles and required a lot of pressure to separate them. To reinstall them we spent several hours honing the inner aspect. Interesting is that 3 of the 4 wheels were Firestones the 4th was either Goodyear or Goodrich There was a "G" on the bolts and this one had straight bearings The Firestones had tapered bearings. The wheels them selves were slightly different as well the "G" wheel has the tire mounted slightly offset from center. The Firestones also have a slot that the rim slides into when mounting. Both are retained on the wheel by a wedge inside and out which itself is held fast by the outer rings. These are hold the wedges and when drawn in seat the wedges and center ,or in the case of the "G" wheel, slightly off center the mounting of the rim tire assembly
  7. getting there. Wheels are also painted and hope to mount tires this week
  8. Thanks I did use a 2mm gun for that PLUS I used a respirator for painting. The fact that the blaster operated as he did well it was his business his responsibility my thoughts as well
  9. Perhaps on the outside edge but I will reexamine when I get o the technical/mechanical part of the project.
  10. Thanks Hope to have it all prepped for paint in a week. Need to get the wheels completely painted and then mount the rubber so the truck can be moved from present location to my home for mechanical work to commence. Will continue with updates as it moves along
  11. Back to work o the FWD. Had it sandblasted . The guy who did it spent 6 hours on it and still left much for me to do. Once it was done I had to get some primer on the bare metal or else well you know what can happen. Here are some pictures before and after blasting . Interesting is that a previous owner reversed the tailgate for no apparent reason. Easy to put it right. Note the picture with the sides lowered. ALso missing the two middle stantions on the body . Will have to fabricate them. I used and epoxy primer seasler. Messy as hell and clogged two guns. Anyone have a better choice for priming??
  12. I believe that these are original to the truck I have seen other photos with the panels I believe when the side gates are dropped down a stake is placed in the ground and under the wooden panel to give extra support to the side gate
  13. That makes little sense to me . There were multiple tire/wheel makers I for one have 3 firestone and 1 goodyear on my truck and rims are slightly different. and do NOT interchange. Maybe the plan is to make rims and tires for the Liberty truck which IS standardized. That still leaves a LOT of trucks out of the loop.
  14. Hi Barry Firstly the cost was about 1100 USD per tire.Plus the cost to ship the rims 360 USD and then to ship the completed tires back to me 500 USD I provided my clean rims with old rubber removed. The company is the only one in the US that still makes molds to process these tires. Not sure what the molds are made out of. One set of molds for a set of 4 tires. The wait time was about 1 year. Still waiting for the sand blaster to blast my wheels so that I can paint and then mount the tires. The excess rubber that you see was shaved down before the tires were shipped to me. . Thanks for your kind comments Bob
  15. After waiting in the que for over 1 year the FWD now has new tires courtesy of the Canton Bandag Co. of Canton Ohio. They reproduce the Overman Cushion brand of hard rubber tires. In the next few weeks we should have the wheels sandblasted and painted , bearings seals installed and tires mounted on the wheels. Here is a picture of the new tires and a reminder picture of my truck which has a pretty rare mobile machine/repair truck body also pictured
  16. Well then from 69K to asking 45K getting to a point that someone may take the plunge!
  17. The FWD still not home as I await the solid rubber tyres installed on my rims. . 8 months since the rims were delivered . There is only one company in the States that does this and there have been some labor issues at the company. I have been assured that they are in the works! For now I have taken on 2 small projects to keep me occupied. Thanks to Tim who supplied an original example of the valve spring shroud I was able to have molds made and a set of valve spring shrouds cast. Several hours of finishing and they came out very well. Now they will need to be final fit to the engine. Second project was fabrication of the louvered engine panels which were missing. I had the smaller ones so the size of the louver could be ascertained. Patterns were made and a California speed shop made the panels. To keep them rigid there is an 1/8 inch steel rod which surrounds the panel and the lip of the panel is folded over to retain the rod. Again I was pretty please with the result. After peening the lip over the rod I used an offset vise grip type tool for the final crimp
  18. This was posted on Facebook group I am in. It is in Luxembourg. Asking price is 69 K USD I'm out!
  19. Hello Adrian GREAT find in my opinion LEAVE the bike as is . It is only original once and ww 2 paint is way off. For correct ww 1 paint you would need to have it custom blended. Once again a terrific survivor that would be best refurbished and not "restored" bob
  20. After many hours was able to remove the wheels from the axles. The bearings would not slide off It took the use of three porta-power hydraulic devices to force them off.
  21. Hello there Terry Yes the pattern cover came from Tim Gosling a member of this forum and a superb restorer . Tim I will post it back to you when I have it in my possession. Waiting for the rims to be returned with new rubber. It has been 3 months wait time and still not ready> only ONE company here in the states is doing hard rubber tyres and the wait time is normal for them. In the mean time truck is up on a dolly and can be moved on a railroad track. IT has been difficult to remove the wheels as the bearings are not cooperating. will try hydraulic porta-power this weekend.
  22. Found a great fabricator in California, home of speed and custom shops. He was able to fabricate the missing engine panels.I still need to make a frame of 5mm round steel rod. The panel is then rolled around it and it gives the panel rigidityStill in the shipping box. It took a long time to find someone to make these for a reasonable price.
  23. OK I was wrong The manual does show a Stewart model 131M as original equipment..........So a little hunting led me to a very reasonable example Maybe not THE speedo but nobody will know. Sorry it is upside down.
  24. Yes That is a civilian brochure.Likely after ww 1 . Here is cover of the US Army 1917 manual
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