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  1. Help I am restoring a Morris C8 and I need details and photos of the seats both drivers and passengers and how they are fitted can anyone help please Many Thanks Keith
  2. Hi There A little bit of info for you 5 AA Division is a UK based division part of Ack Ack command from 1939 until 1943 and coverded Bristol, Cardif, Swansea, Newport, portland, Portsmouth, Gloucester, Southamton, Plymouth and airfileds of 10 Group. The divison was disbanded in 1943 but teh Brigades becam apart of a Group. The division had 5 Brigades 35, 45, 46, 47, and 55. The different Regiments that served in each brigade veried through out as units were sent of to the feild army and new ones replaced them. All the Light Anti Aircraft Regiments in the Division were in 55 Brigade in 1939 and they were 23, 24, 34, 35, 36 LAA Regts RA. By February 1941 this had shrunk to 4 Brigades 27, 35, 47, 65. 65 Brigade covering Southamton had the Divisions three LAA regments 23, 43 and 58 LAA Regt RA. The LAA Regiments in the 8th Army Changed a lot from 1941 to 44 and it would be difficualt to track his War with out knowing what Regiment he was in. But if he was in 5 AA Division at the Start of the War some 34 LAA regiment was part of the 8th Army at Alamein and could be his regt. 23 LAA Regt RA Far East 24 LAA Regt RA Far East 34 LAA Regt RA 8th Army 35 LAA Regt RA Captured at Singapore 36 LAA Regt RA Far East 43 LAA Regt RA Far East 58 LAA Regt RA UK and Northern France The Colours would be Red over Blue and the Sign is "B Troop HQ" not sure what the 24 is I am sure there was no 24 LAA Battery. You said he was attached to a 24 Field regt RA that could be it I will do a bit of digging at work tommorow. 24 Fd Regt RA was part of the 8th Army from Jan 1943 I hope that helps I will try and find out more for you
  3. Guys Please don’t shoot the messenger here but having read the thread and spoke to a few people can I propose a compromise. What I see is a little bit of unintentional unfairness creeping in. One tank owner gets his Tank low loaded to the event paid for buy the organisers there for he is happy to pay his very fair £15 a head. The second Tank owner transports his Tank and Vehicles at is own expense (in excess of a £1000) and therefore feels a little agreed of paying £15 ahead for his party. Compromise. Offer the second tank owner a contribution to the movement costs at an equivalent cost to his camping fee and then pay it straight into that pot. This will be significantly less that his travel costs but for fills the camping payment requirement and tank owner two does not need to pay any cash. Every one is happy the event gets two more tracked vehicles for a very small sum. Just an idea and every one is happy I hope to get down for one day so see you then
  4. Hi Guys Just cought up with this thread looking at the orgianal photos it looks to me as priviously said 5th Yorkshire Infantry Division. All the other points made then add up they were in Italy untill very near the end of teh war when they where moved to Northern Europe. The Number on the left looks like a 44 wich means that it is an infantry division and if it is the 5th Division then that makes the Regiment 156th (Lanarkshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA(TA) Some info 156th under the command of Lt Col Younger saw action in the Middle East, Sicily, Anzio and further into Italy and ended the war in Germany. They also had an eventful time as described in the privately printed and published book, '593 : the story of a Field Battery 1940-45' which is dedicated to Major F.W. Batey, MC and Bar, who was killed in action at Anzio. Contributing to the story was the Battery Commander, Major E.J.H. Bates who himself won the MC at Anzio. Both those Field Regiments have a history to be proud of. After the war, like many proud units they were merged and re merged until their identity has all but disappeared. There is a growing interest in the history of the Lanarkshire Yeomanry and its place in military history over the years and anyone with any relevant information, or who would wish to know more, can contact Campbell Thomson at ct@jcthomson.co.uk I hope this helps better late than never the would not be the only one Keith
  5. Sorry that’s the 31st July. Its a weekend event Veterans on the Saturday and Public on the Sunday. I'm afraid it will not be like the Artillery Days of all but we are trying to get the Equipment of the RA from WW2 to today.
  6. Just thought I would add a Photo of the Garrison with Ian Furey-Kings' Bofors with a very high ranking detachment
  7. Its a nice bit of kit and great photo. The Garrison managed to Brorrow one for our display in St James Park in 2005
  8. Hi fellow Artillery enthusiasts this year I am organising 2 events where I am trying to amass all the different British Artillery of WW2. For the Route to Victory 1st 3rd May I have 25pdrs, Sexton, 75mm Pack and hopefully an M10 Achilles. For the Big Gunner one at the Royal School of Artillery 31st June 1st August, I am hoping to get the set. We have already got a full troop of 25pdrs complete with all the Vehicles that would be part of the Troop, a section of airborne Pack 75mm. We are working on the Sexton again but we would like a 3.7, Bofors, 5.5 inch, 6pdr and a 17pdr to name but the main ones. If you know any one who may be interested in taking part please let me know. Keith Brigstock
  9. Does any one know of a 17pdr that is capable of travailing around the UK more importantly the South of the UK. I am organising 2 events this year where I am truing to amass the Different Artillery of WW2. For the Route to Victory 1st 3rd May and one at the Royal School of Artillery 31st June 1st August
  10. I did my Advance guns course on the 105 Pack at the RSA in about 1984. It was what some called a Gunners Gun. I had the opertunity to blank fire one in 2008 and hope to again soon.
  11. Oh Dear no friends ?????????

  12. Get a Grip and get back on here NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Just a short note to say we have finaly got out 150cm Searchlight working on Carbons using a war time generator. I know there are some very fine 90cm Searchlights around working but we beleve we have the only working 150cm in the UK if not Europe. I have attached a few photos to show the searchlight in action. The beam of light is very intense and has a blue tint to it and it looked fantastic. Even with the light pollution the beam still was very strong. We have been informed since then that it could be seen from Chitern which is about ten miles away. The girls on the long arm enjoyed it and it could possibly be the first time an female has carried out the number 4 role on a fully working 150cm Searchlight since 93rd Searchlight disbanded in June 1945. The light is not 100% but it still looks great. Thanks to Andy Dawson and the rest of the Guys in the Garrison that help get the light working.
  14. Well its all over I have put a similar thread on the re-enactors Forum but it dose go double with you guys. I would like to say thanks to all the Vehicle owners that took part in Route to Victory. You all to a man and woman restored my faith in Human nature when on that Monday morning in the rain you all agreed to stay and put on a show for the Village no matter what the weather. As you know I tried to marry the best of what the Military Vehicle Owners/MVT can do with the best from the re-enactment in the UK and neither side let us down. It was an experiment in a different type of event and I hope you feel that it worked and that you would do it again in 2010. The format of two days of convoys and two nights and one day of living history proved to be hard to organise and I did get some parts very wrong, namely the Home Front for the Monday, I hope with there guidance I can put this right next time. Edd and Clive did a great job planning and executing the Convoys which all helped make the event as a whole so much better. The vision of trucks full of troops was also a grand sight and I would thank those drivers who allowed there vehicles to be used in this way. From a public spectacular it all came together in a fantastic finale and this was as much to your hard work as our good planning. Thanks again you where all a pleasure to work with, you gave me no problems and I look forward to possibly working with you again on the First May Bank Holiday in 2010 if we choose to do it again. Please follow the links below for photos and Video Photos http://www.astrocruise.com/victory/ ITV News http://www.itvlocal.com/meridian/news/? ... oid=185221 Photos and Video http://www.ww2talk.com/forum/ww2-museum ... 008-a.html Keith Brigstock Route to Victory
  15. Hi Jack Try Here http://www.astrocruise.com/victory/ Keith
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