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  1. Hi all. Longtime lurker and infrequent poster here. Sat having a chat with a couple of mates and the conversation got round to G10 watches and how expensive they have become. Is there any way to get one at a reasonable price? I have seen some on the Bay of E for many pounds past my limited budget but wondered if anyone here knew of a better way to obtain such without embarking on a second mortgage. I would only wear it rarely so can’t justify great expense. Cheers.
  2. I haven't recieved it yet is there a problem with the pm system on the site. Try alf.parkin@live .co.uk and Ill look in a while. Cheers Alfie
  3. Hi, if you send me some dimensions I can get some cut up to your sizes and then well look at getting them to you. On another forum/owners group I am a member of we have an express service that members use to ferry stuff in short distances to get from a-b. So if we have members on HMVF who are going south from any where near me to a show or a meet or work whatever, the mudflaps can be passed from member to member until it gets close enough for you to pick up. This is especially usefull for E bay purchases too heavy to post. There must be some long distance wagon drivers who are members:D
  4. As I now work in foundry I have access to lots of second hand belting as it gets cut up and binned. How much would you like?
  5. Smg mounts not toy gun mounts
  6. Any idea as to why they haven't changed the reg nos.
  7. Hi, Most industrial clutch and brake specialists will relign brake shoes it is not that hard a job. Try Midland Brakes ltd 0121 561 2212 sales@midlandbrakes.com Very helpful firm they will post or courier parts. I have been dealing with them for over 20 years and they have never not been able to sort me out.
  8. Try tested spring in Oldbury. Great chaps will manufacture anything. Very reasonably priced, they have been on tv on Wheeler Dealers i think. http://www.testedspring.co.uk 0121 5572308. Hope this is of some use to you:-)
  9. For re-moulding road wheels has any one tried BH Leake and Sons in Birmingham? I have used them for years for all types of rubber rolls and tyres.They are a very helpful company and offer many types of material for bonding. http://www.bhleakerubber.co.uk/home 0121 472 0657 Hope this is of some use.
  10. Appologies for hi jacking the thread. Is that "C reg" in the third photo in the denims?
  11. Try Barnwell seals in Birmingham. If you have a sample they can usually manufactuer a replacement or recomend a supplier Sales 0121 429 8011 sales@barnwell.co.uk I've been using them for industrial stuff for years and they have made me some really obscure replacements in the past. It looks like a great resto.
  12. It's still there at Landrover as it was pointed out to me on my first day last week.
  13. Just a quick side note I know the lads in the turret photo. Its not often you come accross old mates in random photos.
  14. James Lister Birmingham 0121 359 3774 http://www.lister.co.uk (Many branches in the midlands) Howard Lee Cradley 01384 564122 http://www.howard-lee.com Dagar Tools Lye 01384 8933449 Ask for Tonto or Dave They can get most things. There is also a guy near me who deals in all sorts off Engineering odds and sods. I know he does car shows and steam rallies and sells stuff on E bay His Name is Tony Vale and you can get him on 07831 682232. Cheers All
  15. Were you after BSW,BSF or UNC? There are a few specialist suppliers in the Black Country and arround the Telford area. PM me you requirements and I can get some prices for you.
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