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  1. Hi John. send me your email address. Clive
  2. Hi Charles. Dana SD66 / kirkstall axles. With 7.46:1 diff ratio's. regards. Clive
  3. Nice one Alastair. Did you get the info on the clock companies i sent you. Clive
  4. Hi John. The front springs on the heavy haulage S26 vehicles should have the same springs as the Scammell S24 Part number HDK1541 made by Jonas Woodhead RSR ltd, the front spring Ubolts were made by Skidmore & sons in Walsal Part number NDK3487. The best vehicle to have a look at would be your friend Dave Crouch's S24 4x2 recovery. I maybe able to get a drawing of the springs if that is any help. you can give me a call via the number on my website if you need more info. regards Clive
  5. Hi John. The difference in the VIN numbers between your's and Mark's is A = January & L = December Month of Build. Hope that helps. Clive
  6. Hi Mark. Send me your home email in a PM, and i will send it across. Clive
  7. Hi John. If you have the VIN plate in the cab i can send you the scammell/Leyland E.E.C VIN chart so that you can check the weight of your 6x4 unit. If there is no plate the chassis number is ok. Clive.
  8. Hi Paul. Question. Has the trailer got it's own air Reservoir supply for the trailer brakes. When the trailer is connected to the Drops, check that your not getting any air leaking from the trailer control valve when you apply the brakes. regards Clive
  9. Hi Paul. There will be 2 new front axle hub pressure relief valves (12psi ) in the post to you tomorrow. Regards Clive
  10. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?7946-Military-Fodens/page38&highlight=leyland+daf+drops Post 377 Clive
  11. Hi Garry. You should have all the manuals now in your email. Hope this helps. any problems give me a shout. Regards Clive
  12. Hi Garry. Send me your email address in a PM and i will send you what manuals i have. Hope this will help. Regards Clive
  13. Hi Dave. Welcome to the forum from another Lincoln member. Hope you enjoy. Clive
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