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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, Is there a list of spares suppliers that specialize in Bedford (AWD) MJ? I am looking for a starter motor or spares to rebuild the starter. Many Thanks John
  2. Hi All My 84 Bedford MJ is making noise while 4 wheel drive is engaged, and the truck is moving, off of pavement. It could be described as a 'whirring'... Its not too loud and is consistent through speed changes etc. Also, the hub is weeping oil on one side, on the outside. I haven't yet worked on one of these trucks and I'm going to start to tackle this, so I'm looking for any guidance people here may have. My first move is going to be pulling the diff cover and having a look... Right? Thank you Colin
  3. Glad to be a member of hmvf. After plundering the forums for info for a while and now with the end in sight after 3 years dropping in and out on this conversion, looking forward to contact with other MJ/MK owners and getting more of a clue. I've previously built out a 110 for expedition through the middle east culminating in getting stuck in egypt for months during the revolution (or the last one depending on how you look at it) decided on return to scale up for more comfort, security and gear space. An old circus MJ came up, RAF office box trailer remounted in place of the bed, so i bought her. After 3 summers of grinding doors and windows out and getting a rough frame in I'm now heading to complete this year and get her up and running again. Sadly SORN for the last 2 years as soon as i get the new fuel tank and batteries in we'll find out what needs done.... Based in wiltshire and planning another go at cape town asap
  4. Hi All We run a Bedford MJ (1986) used as an RF research vehicle.
  5. HiJ ust writing to tell anyone intrested that im in contact with a guy on Ebay who scans and then sells CDs of manuals, and he is currently doing the Bedford MK and MJ, normaly you get lots of diffrent types of manuals ( electrical, gearbox,ect) and parts cataloges on the same CD and buy the look of the other mauals it should be around 15 quid, a lot better than buying the reprints at 25 or 50 quid a manual, it would probley cost like 1 or 2 hundred quid for all the manuals so if you are intrested please write to the guy aswell to incurage him to get the scanning project finnished ( i think he is about halfway) on ebay he is fv1601
  6. So when i originality got my Mk it looked like it had a bit of a leak in the rear wheel hubs ( it was mentioned in the MOT) and the old owner said he got it fixed, well i cleaned away the old oil and it seems to be fine BUT, i got a leak from the rear axle, keeps driping,i put into the hole in the axle 1 and a half liter just before the weekend , i found on this forum a scan of 1 page from a manual stating that it takes 3 and a half liters so im happy i put some in ( its was full to the hole) Im gessing i have a old seal that is leaking, i feel the bottom and bit of material are coming off, not metal more like fiber, anyone know how to fix it......i keep trying to get a scan of a manual or parts list but im not having any luck,and as im in Iceland getting a reprint sent from vinntagemvmanuals is going to cost me a arm and a leg.... i dont even know the number of the seal i went for a run this last weekend for 200 or 300 km ( not to sure how far as the speedo and odmonitour packed in after the first 10 km of driving)staying the night in the truck (not to cold this time as summer is on the way) good fun and managed to find some good bad roads to play on not to far from the capital ive never tryed it ,but i know you can use stuff like Blue devil sealant in head gaskets and they have one for A/C and engine leaks on the seal but i cant find anything for rear axles....any of you guys know of something i could use to stop the leak easy or maybe you know the seal number or if it maybe another problem
  7. Can anyone help with detailed drawings of under run bars please and estimated cost of supply and fit? My 1987 Bedford MJ sailed through all aspects of it's MOT this week except the dreaded under run bars. Has anyone fitted side AND rear bars which are removable, I am being told by a local LGV repairer that the rear must be permanently attached. Obviously if we have to comply with this EU ruling I would prefer not to spoil the look of my vehicle and be able to remove the bars when on the show field. Any drawings, typical costs or information welcome. To complicate matters my truck is fitted with an ATLAS crane and outriggers. Thanks Gents.
  8. Hi, I own a Bedford MJ & want to get some spares put away so as to be able to keep her running long term. I have been keeping an eye on the Witham’s website & there are a lot of good spares sold in batches that makes the individual Items very cheap, but nine times out of ten it's not worth me bidding as to buy the quantity would work out as much or more than buying the Item from the Bedford boys. (There is also a lot of spares we would have trouble laying our hands on and if we did need them and managed to source them we would end up paying through the nose for). I was thinking it would be great if we could get together and put money in the pot once a month to purchase spares. This way we are not bidding against each other & we can guarantee our vehicles future at a fraction of the cost.
  9. Hi Im trying to get hold of the size of the bedford mk/mj wheels 12.00x20 10 stud, I need to know ET (how far is the center plate out of the middle/outside the rim), bolt distance, center hole, bolt hole.
  10. Hi, My name's Alec and I have a problem, namely a slightly unhealthy interest (obsession) with Bedfords, since riding around in my Dad's in the 60s. I currently have 3 TKs, one of which is an ex Army Dustcart (often referred to as a Chip Fryer), an HCB Angus Fire Engine and a Post Office "Pole Erection Unit". I'm down in sunny West Sussex and am still looking for the right MJ. I did have an ex Reserve Stock left hand drive one for 2 days, and a civvie M Series Cherry Picker for a while. I do have am MJ cab, that I can sit in and dream! I have quiet a few spares for TKs and TLs and have some useful contacts for Bedfords. Unfortunately I can be easily persuaded to buy more Bedfords, just don't tell my wife. Looking forward to reading more on the forums and perhaps seeking some advive, possibly even providing some.
  11. Hi Does anyone know if a 11.00 x 20 rim fits a 12,00 x 20 tyre Im up in Iceland and there are quite a few old greengoddess fire trucks around ( but red) running on 11.00x 20tyres , I own a Bedford MK ( 12,00 x 20) and need a spare wheel and tyre for one, could i use a rim from the greengoddess and a tye that i can sores from somewere eles Im going to be driving the truck up from portsmouth to Iceland via dover in April , anyone got a mk wheel and tye for sale in the south east of england ( i dont want to drive halfway across england for a wheel as the mk needs a fer bit of gas). it does not have to be i grate condition Thanks
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