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  1. Energumen

    WW1 Dennis truck find

    Ongoing and growing respect.
  2. Energumen

    Morris C9/B

    I am delighted for you, and love your Jerboa, as is. What a fright with the transmission, panic time or what?. You must be justly proud and extremely happy. Well done again
  3. Energumen

    Morris C9/B

    Well done, a very nice restoration, and well documented. Good luck today.
  4. Hi 6X6 and Andy, what a wonderful day you clearly had, and what a wow the Scammell looked. I am so pleased that it went well and sad to have missed an opportunity to see more of it. However, the balance on the day was better as it was, with the elements well matched in terms of experience and expertise.
  5. Energumen

    Antar back to the road

    Hi Mike, well done indeed, I am increasingly impressed with the engineering skill and ingenuity of you guys.
  6. Energumen

    GMC - its broke - HELP

    I love your style Mrs. Becket, I think I heard something once of a possible ancestor of yours, Thomasa?.
  7. Energumen

    GMC - its broke - HELP

    It was indeed, but on the American vehicle track record on this thread, if it had been a Boeing, it would not have got off the runway. Lol
  8. Energumen

    GMC - its broke - HELP

    One can only hope that it is an Airbus and not a boeing, what say you?.:-D
  9. Energumen

    GMC - its broke - HELP

  10. Energumen

    when push comes to shove

    Please do not ask for one of those tyres for Christmas, as the way house prices are going, it looks as though, a set of six, would leave little change out of a re-mortgage arrangement. Lol
  11. Energumen

    1944 Dodge WC51 Weapons Carrier

    Ah well, better late than 'the late', is what I say. Lol:)
  12. Energumen

    It's Will from East Sussex.

    No doubt Energumen will be watching this with interest, so I'll do my best to keep the ball rolling with the restoration. Thanks for taking the time to read my posts. :coffee: Hi there, surely will, but then again, so will many accomplished restorers. Personally, my previous efforts were very amateur to what I see reported on this site and I am honest enough to say, that nowadays, I am happy to read of others, stirling efforts. Good luck with the manuals, and the big task ahead.
  13. Energumen

    WW1 Dennis truck find

    Well, that has taken a few hours from start to finish, including re reading bits, to get it into my head. RESPECT!
  14. Energumen

    Antar back to the road

    Hi Mike, as a now retired, rank amateur in the field of mechanical engineering and restoration, I am compelled to congratulate you, not only on your obvious knowlege and improvisation, but mostly, on your undaunted application. It must be said, I would probably have given up and sought a buyer at an early stage. Well done you.
  15. Energumen

    R.I.P Bill Stone

    Thanks Andy, I was not aware of today's events before.