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  1. When I restored my Jeep back in '84 everything was painted gloss first, then rubbed over to give a key for the matt. 25 years of running around and the rust doesn't seem to have appeared.
  2. Had a great weekend at Headcorn, good get together just like the old days at Tenterden. Met lots of friends and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Seems that everybody I spoke to felt the same. Congratulations to Jim Baxter and his team for all their efforts. Definitely going back next year.
  3. Hi Bob, Nice to welcome another member to the fold. I'm a local lad too with a 'ten a penny' jeep in Ashford.
  4. Two more snaps from the tour, the armoured car was part of the IMPS group that travelled out on the same ferry as us. The Morris gun tractor was on the MVT tour and the picture was taken in a village car park en route to Hill 112 for a wreath laying ceremony with local school children and villagers
  5. Just come back from a week in Normandy with the MVT. Just a couple of photos to give a taste of the atmosphere.[
  6. Hi Mark, These are the only prints that I can find from that show, I probably lost the rest in a couple of house moves, but I may still have some negatives. I will wait for another wet weekend to hunt through the files.
  7. I took this shot at one of the Tenterden rallies, I think it was 83 or 84. This is the late Paul Suttons K5 before restoration was complete.
  8. I've been sorting out old photos and came across these two shots from the first Beltring show. I believe that the GS wagon was on loan from the Royal Corps of Transport, with Whitbread supplying the horsepower.
  9. Tenterden pictures - I think these were all from 1985 'Victory on the Line', when Clive Dunn was a guest celebrity. You can see from the last picture that there was plenty of space in those days. This was the first military vehicle that I attended with my Jeep, it seems a long time ago now!
  10. Mark, as promised I have found the rest of the pictures taken of the convoy, unfortunately a lot are of poor quality, difficult to focus on moving vehicles, but I have found four more for you to see.
  11. I think there are 3 or 4 more shots from that convoy, I will try and post them at the weekend. Robert
  12. Hi, Just to introduce myself. I have been a viewer of HMVF for some time, but only just got round to joining. I have been an owner of a Willys MB for 25 years, having graduated to 1 to 1 scale from 1/35th scale models!
  13. I have been trawling through my old photos and came up with these picture of US trucks returning to Germany after an exercise in UK. Can't be sure of the date, but I think it was the late '70's
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