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  1. Welcome onboard Greasemonkey, tell us your purchase & let us see pics.
  2. I did wonder why the one you fitted had such a deep subframe, I'm thinking of about 4"-5" subframe and looking at fitting 16.00 20 wheels/tyres if i find a set at reasonable cost (any body got a set???) anything more than this and I will struggle to reach into the lockers. I knew you had the yellow cab Steven, to be honest I never thought I would get the same gear again after I missed out on the gear you had offered to me, small world it is!!
  3. Yes looking to refit the Atlas crane back into that space, it was only removed to allow measuring & fitting of the recovery gear & locker body, a remount of fuel tank of & battery box will be required also.
  4. Made a start on the summer project today, just checking the fit, gear needs to sit a bit higher on chassis rails, the gear is from one of the Foden 6x6 prototypes same as what Cosrec fitted to a DROPS chassis
  5. Looking for an operators manual for Scammell S26 6x6 self load dump truck, thanks.
  6. SOLD For AEC Militant Mk3 recovery, 1x A frame used for when suspend towing £60.00(top picture), 1x spreader bar with correct shackles used for when suspend towing £60.00 (bottom picture), these items may also fit Leyland Martian, located Northumberland Simon, 01434 344 287 office hours or private message
  7. ​SOLD 12.00-20 Dunlop Track Grip tyres on three peice split, ten stud rims, two tyres usable other two have some damage in side walls/tread but could still be used for none highway use £100.00 for the lot located Northumberland. advertising for someone without internet use any questions/offers contact Martin Oliver 01434 344 555 or 07764789900
  8. Does any body have any leads on who breaks Renault trm 2000 for spares, we service one and might need a foot brake valve if our local factors come to a blank on it.
  9. I like the white backing on the reflectors I think it looks neater, all my reflector backings were left white when I painted my milly.
  10. I would say your purchase of the s26 is a good choice made, however I would say that as am a little biased, I have a S26 that used to be a SLDT then converted to snow plough for stornoway airport & tow a sweeper trailer behind.
  11. Good to see, what the plans for it, restore, modify or is it just for the toy box???
  12. Keep me in mind as Northumberland/Cumbria Network operator if this service takes off
  13. I managed to remove power steering ram off the Militant for repair without too much hassle, What about slacken the ram taper pin nut until it is flush with end of pin threads so as not to cause unwanted damage, place a bottle jack base onto something solid like leaf spring or chassis rail so as the bottle jack sits horizontal pump jack until the top of the jack is now pushing onto the nut on the taper pin, apply an amount of pressure with the jack and then strike/shock the drop arm eye, hopefully with the pressure from the jack and strike/shock the pin will pop out of the drop arm eye, the nut stop's the steering ram falling out and bottle jack lands on the ground. I sometimes use this type of method the remove truck wheels that have rusted on to the hubs.
  14. Hmmm interesting, does this apply to vehicles only being registered for the fisrt time with DVLA??? What if I was to be changing taxation class from snow plough to recovery vehicle (wrecker) on my Scammell S26 document/V5, would this type approval thing apply if I waited until after 29th oct 2014 or am I better off getting the paperwork sorted now while the type approval exemption is still in force??
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