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  1. Forgot to mention the Hispano 20mm cannon, normally mounted on aircraft, like the Hurricane. Regards Keith
  2. Hi , Quick answer, yes the British did use the 20mm Anti Aircraft Polsten and Oerlikon cannons during WW2. Most Oerlikon cannons were Navel mounted units. 20mm Polstens were fitted to modified 15 cwt Bedfords and CMP Ford & Chevy 4x2 , 15 cwt trucks. Hope this helps. Keith
  3. Looking for any parts, big or small to go towards a universal mount for the 20mm Polsten, as fitted to a 15 cwt CMP Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Paul, Firstly, may I congratulate you on saving such a wonderful piece of machinery all those years go, and I too remember the half shafts in the locker . Pete A, who I have known for quite a few years, remembers the Albion(s) as I do way back in the mid 70 's, when I recovered my WC51 from the same yard ( now fully restored ). The remains of the other one are still there, and as Ray Main sadly passed away last year , it maybe worth contacting Anthony to see if you can rescue the remains of the other one. Keep us posted on the rebuild. Best regards Keith ( Looking for 20mm Polsten bits and pieces)
  5. Thanks to Rob, I now have most of the covers I needed, so I no longer need any more covers.Thanks Keith
  6. Hi Rob, Go for it Rob, I'm interested . I can get a mate of mine to make a set of covers for the back seat ( I can copy my seats on my MB) and the other front base from some old canvas I have. PM me for payment and delivery address Best regards Keith
  7. Hi Rob, Thanks for the very quick response, look forward to the pictures Regards Keith
  8. Hi, Does anyone out there have a complete set of old faded MB/GPW canvas seat covers, they would be willing to part with ?. I'm looking for a set to go on my latest GPW (1944) project, which I would like to show unrestored this season. Thanks in advance Keith
  9. Hi Rob, Further to my last e.mail, I've now figured out that I would like the following items for my C15 Polsten project. 1 x Spare barrel box @ £ 45 3 x 20mm ammo boxes @ £ 45 each = £ 135 Gunners Mitts @£ 65 1 x Gun service kit @ £ 25 Webbing Tool Bag @ £ 65 4 x Snail Drums @ £220 2 x Ammo Loading Tools @ £ 90 Grand Total of £ 545, any chance of a discount for a large order ? Willing to pay which ever way you like, i.e. cheque, cash , paypal. Next question is delivery. Are you going to Stoneleigh at the end of January ?, if so, I could see you there, or maybe use a courier, any thoughts ? Best regards Keith
  10. Guys, Bernard Venners Karrier K6 still lives near Reading and is now owned by Marion, his widow, who has it running and driving in the field at the back of her property. I like Pete thought it had been sold many years ago, but it was hidden away. Good luck with what looks to be an interesting restoration. Regards Keith
  11. Hi Ivor, Not checked on the rear facing lockers yet, might pop out and have a rubbing down session later. I have found a small amount of red and blue paint on the front panel of the chevy, which could have been part of a RA tac sign. Cordenj, Yes, I spotted that replica for sale, but it's an airbourne set up, much lighter, different legs etc to the truck mounted unit. Thanks for pointing it out though. Rampant rivet, My chassis number is 28421131424, Date of Manufacture was Nov 18-42. You must have a record somewhere of yours ? Regards Keith
  12. Hi Jules, Just been reading through this tread, and the one thing that occurs to me is that you may have a cracked / porous head (s). As the engine warms up and you are taking it from tickover to higher revs, then back again, you could be pressurizing the cooling system, via the compression cycle in the cylinders. You may just have to remove the heads again and very carefully inspect the composition chambers, in the cylinder heads with a magnifying glass for signs of micro cracks. May be worth having the heads dye pen tested. Best regards Keith
  13. Hi Guys, and thanks for the interest shown Ivor, many thanks for the information on the units that used them. I've tried other ways of finding information, but to no avail. This now explains why David and Rory Ballard marked their F15 Polsten a few years ago with the Desert rat. If any other info comes to light, please let me know. Bit more background info on the Chevy. Date of manufacture was 18/11/1942, rolled out of the Chevrolet works painted in Light stone ( yellow), even the canvas bag behind the drivers and passengers seat is light stone. Traces of this are still evident all over the vehicle. Originally had a GS body on the back, and presumably destine for North Africa. Next colour is No 2 Service Brown, applied sometime in 43, as in January 44 she was sent to Dennis Bros Ltd, to be converted into a 20mm Polsten mount. Left Dennis Bros Ltd early February. All this conversion information has been supplied and confirmed by Surrey library who have the original works books in their archives. Chassis No and Body No all tally, to think this info is still out there after 70 odd years. The truck was then sold on 24th June 1946 at Great Missingdon Surplus sale to a local man and his son who started a small garage business up. They gave her a coat of gloss green paint, fitted her with a Harvey Frost crane on the back, and used her for light recovery work. Time moves on, and in the mid 80's she is given a registration number, another quick coat of paint and is shown on the rally scene, but NOT very often. Taken off the road 15 years ago and stood up, having only covered 8400 miles from new! This is when I first came to know the then owner of her, and kept in touch with him. Sadly, he had a stroke and passed away last year. The two sons he has were not at all interested in keeping it, so I became her new owner back in April 2016. Since then the brakes have all been sorted, new cylinders, new flexi pipes, sleeved master cylinder, new fuel pump diaphragm, wiring and bad connections sorted. Various areas of the body have been carefully sanded back, to reveal original cencus Number, allied star on rear lockers That will do for now, couple more pictures attached for your enjoyment Regards Keith
  14. Hi, Recently recovered and saved, the two images attached show an unrestored November 1942 C15 Polsten Chevrolet, converted by Dennis Bros Ltd in Jan 1944, for the build up for D.Day. The Chevy will be shown next year , as found, ( apart from the brakes, mechanics being gone through) in the condition you see in the pictures. Looking for any information about these very rare conversions. I already have details from Dennis Bros Ltd records to show when she was converted to a Polsten equipped vehicle. I am after units that used them, and more importantly a Polsten 20mm anti aircraft gun and associated equipment , genuine or film prop, to return her to her wartime role. Ignore the cencus number on the door, which is incorrect, the original number has since been uncovered, on the doors, under a couple of layers of paint, ( Z 5195155) Looking forward to any replies Thanks Keith
  15. Hi Rob, Cracking resto so far, Rob. Would there be any wheel rims at one of our favourite yards, not too far away from either of us ? Best regards Keith P.s. the GPW is now safely back home and under cover, bonnet and windscreen are currently being worked on.
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