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  1. Hi, If anyone sees one of these pumps for sale as a mirror image of the one seen here please PM me, I might not see a new thread, as its the type needed to recreate the worlds last surviving Albion AM463 350 gallon 3 boom refueller. Also let Stuntman know and he can email me privately. I havent given up on that Albion AM463 3 boom iconic BoB fighter station refueller project and it could come to life if we had such a pump, lack of saw the owner decide on a new course of action, a paraffin delivery service vehicle having found a little hand pump, he likes things that actually work. If anyone knows of the destination of the grey one that seemingly was destined for meltdown that Stuntman didnt buy please post here as it must be preserved, its the same design as in all the Battle of Britain pics I have , such as this lovely shot which will enlarge up superbly:- https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205208469 and even with a crack needs saving. No one is going to pump petrol at a display with it anyway. BOBC
  2. Hi, I see I never replied to this reply, simply because we made contact another way. Excellent news to see a Bellamy 900 being given the care and attention it deserves, having seen how the restoration of this has progressed since this pic was posted. However its a shame no one else of 1918 views appears to have towed bowsers such as I pictured or even the equipment from them. Looks like they either missed seeing this post or dont visit HMVF. It is so important these historic iconic vehicles without which the RAF wouldnt have flown, are preserved , after staring at the same museum exhibits for the umpteenth time in museums, such make a long awaited and refreshing change to our view of WW2 and celebrate the role of the groundcrew, whom the pilots thought the world of, but museums cast aside when it comes to equipment used. Before what little that remains is lost to the scrapman or nature, we all need to do what we can to save such. Even if a reader of this spots a piece of equipment let us all know of it. BOBC
  3. Hi, Hope you can get hold of me via your PM I sent. Great to see this coming along., if only more had cared for Bomb Trolleys over the years, and not blinkered on aircraft. I can't ID this as the Type C Mk 1 had no trough type cross members and it had tubular front and rear members with the two discs for attaching the trunking for the small hoist. The trough type cross members are Type C Mk ll and Mk lll, the Mk ll also having tubular cross members but solid arms out to axles, I wonder if there is a Type C Mk ll late version then ? have you or anyone got photos of this trolley with its 'crossbreed' spec in action ? BOBC
  4. Hi, Are you still on this lengthy mission, I can help with Albion AM463 variants, bomb trolleys, and a few other items on your massive list. PM me and I can start sending images and data over to you. BOBC
  5. What is an A type trolley, they started with Type B, that with the central T beam . Bomb colour might be same as used on the disc on lanc head armour ? My RAF colour chip chart only has aircraft colours. I know someone with a WW2 colour chip set in original box and will ask them. BOBC1940
  6. all colour photos on internet show early trolleys in raf blue grey about same as uniforms, e.g. waaf on tractor, later on olive green got used. I am seeing trolleys Type B and C mk 1 in the darkish blue grey like the uniforms, then a darkish green in colour photos on later models. BOBC
  7. Hi Mark, how are you managing with the restoration, only just found this thread. any pics of its progress welcome. are you still lacking vital data, I might have some photos if I dig deep. I have now sent you a PM as I aim to help you all ways possible. You have the only Type C Mk l that I am aware of and we must all do what we can to assist. The channel cross members though are not the W supports that sat atop the side frames in the U brackets that made the C type Mk1 distinctive along with its front and back leaf spring pairs, tubular cross members and adjustable orientation (fwd or up) elephant trunk-like (though very short ones !) devices for mounting small hoists. BOBC
  8. correct and yes hyper rare, and correct again. ( Brockhouse 450 gallon ) now posted to. BOBC
  9. Is this still surviving, suggest ring a few aviation museums as such are very useful for transporting items . Try also SpitfireSpares maybe. War in the Vale place at Evesham, Wings museum, etc, James at the Sawmills at Clevedon, BOBC
  10. Hi, Anyone know of location of this Zwicky pump or parts in need of a good home ? Note the configuration, the filter/ hopper thing at right. Also interested to know of one of these where its a mirror image and one gauge. Please just PM me if so. BOBC
  11. Hi, as per subject. Driven and towed refuellers, I wish to establish contact with like minded and interested folk, share data and finds and create a network, also one very unique and nationally important project also to be discussed and saved, maybe a combined effort ? PM me please. BOBC
  12. Hi, First pic posted shows best shot of vehicle, thats human nature !, last pic shows a view not wanted as the thumbnail for the advert, but alas the system chooses that one ! Yet no way afterwards of altering which image the thumb is using, or is there ? Even deleting the image its chosen still sees that image surviving ! Most folk post the best descriptive shots first, then some minor detail later, so if thumb takes the last image, they dont get the 'eye catching effect' and visual they were after. Thumb should be directed to first image. BOBC
  13. As this is restored to fully driveable as a chassis, it needs to be made the most of and seen at shows, RAF mus would never run it again, and with the breakdown of the Battle of Britain Museum ( :mad::mad:) its appropriate placement is lost. Tanker part the next phase to recreate, probably not within their originality remit. BOBC
  14. Albion AM463 350 gallon prewar and WW2 refueller for Harts, Hinds, Gladiators, Spitfires, Hurris, Defiants, Battles, Lysanders, Blenheims etc., Battle of France, Battle of Britain and Malta. Currently an extinct type. Deadline for saving this vehicle as this…July 21 2016. Anyone interested in the following project for sale to PM me please with contact details, email and tel number, I can then send a project pack with photo set and explain more fully about this one off unique project. Project for sale. Its fate otherwise is to have a farmers tank fitted as a fictitious postwar liquid dispenser.:cry::shocked: The only chance the nation will ever see the 350 gallon refueller ever again hangs in the balance. Please let anyone you feel might be interested know of this. It was finished in Aircraft camo green and brown, has brass fittings , white hoses and pump compartment, green Zwicky pump and brass fittings inside. Total Wow factor :wow: at shows especially placed with an aircraft, eye candy ! Currently chassis with cab engine bonnet etc restored and fully working. Driveable 60mph tops. All the CAD work for the fittings is done or in progress, without which this simply couldn’t happen. Show organisers will pay for this, so it appears from calls made, film and TV companies will want it, public will love it. Airfix's new model sold out in a few months as some indication of interest just from modellers ! See such in action at 5:00 in :- Your country and Albion needs you ! BOBC
  15. Hi, Could anyone with WW2 Brockhouse / Zwicky pump/ Lister Diesel engine/ 450 gallon towed trailer bowsers RAF , or the Bellamy 900 gallon RAF bowser WW2 please PM me, and also post images here on what you have., or have seen languishing in a field etc. Even if its just the Zwicky pump, I must find someone with a pump for research work or sale. Cheers BOBC
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