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  1. Hi Rippo, yes, my Dad was called Kevin also. We did do a good job of it and it was mint when it was finished. My Dad wasn't able to keep showing it due to ill health and it has just sat there for years. It has plenty of antifreeze in it so it should be ok. I am going to attempt to get it running (most people have said it should run fine - AEC for you!) and then we will be selling it, so it can go to a good home and be treated like it deserves. It would be a really easy project for someone as it is complete, it just needs some TLC. Where did you know my Dad from? regards Kev
  2. Hi, Can anyone give me an idea of value of my late Father's Matador. It underwent a full restoration about 20 years ago, but has been stood for years now. It has been sheeted up, but the elements have got to it a bit. It is in not too bad a condition really. It was never fitted with a winch. It was made in 1953 and was RAF. Thanks Kev
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