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Machinery Lorry Interiors - Questions!


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Further to my qeries about trailers at Old Dalby, there were also some oddly-captioned photos of the interiors of workshops/office/wireless lorries.  Can anyone help me sort these out, please?


First up, a pair purporting to be Type 24V, one showing the generator in stowed position fro travelling!  What, actually, are they - they are probably not the same vehicle (note absence of bench vices in second picture)?


Next is, apparently, a wireless lorry, but I suspect it is a Machinery one:


Finally, as we're on the subject a couple more photos which are probably correctly captioned as a 'mobile machinery workshop' and a '24KW workshop' and which add, nicely, to the topic!


As well as a (probable) Machinery K Light being used to provide spraying power for anti-corrosion paint:


And a couple of photos showing 'flimsies: the 4-gallon petrol tins newly minted and being used to fill a bowser and showing how they were opened!!:

default(9).jpg.78227a343da25dedda220c52f1b59f33.jpgdefault(12).jpg.6fb12da494ec8bfc57dabd8c9c6d65fa.jpg default(16).jpg.4bd6860ad297517cb40700e31ad0ecbd.jpg

And, finally, finally, the bonus picture:


Again, my thanks to the IWM for these.


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