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Tasmania Australia Flying Flea

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Hi All, I was referred to this forum while searching for Royal Enfield Flying Flea parts. Looks like the forum is run well with respectful guidelines after reading the section; before I post.

My Dad is 82 years now, I am a lucky son that grew up around classic English motorcycles, mainly BSA, Ariel, Norton. My Dad has owned a few M20 BSAs through the years, he still has his 1940 WDM20 that ran 104.6 miles per hour on a beach down here in 1960 on alcohol fuel.....but that’s another story🙂

1 January 2020 my Dad bought a Royal Enfield Flying Flea. The bike had been stored since 2008 after the owner passed. 
As a good son I volunteered to rebuild the very seized left out in the weather 125cc engine for him. 
Through UK RE club feedback we learned that new bike  shipping documents show the bike was delivered to Whitehalls New York City RE dealer linked to Stokvis & Zonen Dutch RE dealer that were shutdown during German occupation Netherlands. This little Flea was then returned new to the UK when NYC agent closed eventually forwarded to Australia. 

I had some trouble pulling the 125cc apart and now need a flywheel side crank.

Better introduce myself first🙂

regards, David Tasmania Australia 


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