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Good evening one and all .  I have had a bit of a trawl of the net with little success so I though I would consult the Oracles of the HMVF !

I have an ex military vehicle which carries a Q plate , I don't suppose anybody was too bothered about it when it was registered by the dealer who sold it once demobbed as it was a working vehicle. The previous owner who sold it to me did actually give me a file of sundry paperwork amongst which is a letter from the manufacturer which confirms the year of build

I have been trying to find out if it is possible to get this changed to an age appropriate reg but so far drawn a blank . I have a nagging feeling that I have read in the past that once something has a Q plate it is stuck with it but haven't been able to confirm that either .

Any ideas would be most gratefully accepted and read .

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Hi Dave,

I also have a "Q" Plate Snowtrac 2, I am sure you can change it but it depends who you speak to at DVLA.

I am thinking about selling my Snowtrack if you know of anyone that is looking for one, I am needing to get two new leaf spring sets for the track tensioner, other than that it runs really well, it has had a conversion in an earlier life, it has a 1800 diesel engine in it.

Reason for selling is I have had another project doing up a track dumper, only snag with it is I think the cylinder head gasket has gone, Yanmar engine, not sure how the repair is going to go on that one!.




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